Wednesday, February 8, 2017

50 Degrees Plus Here Today,,, Tomorrow Is Another Story.....

 Spring fever was brief ......


  1. In the mean time, we're drowning here on the central Oregon coast, again. Never seen so many landslides in a week.

    1. You guys got pounded out there. Some of the snow totals I saw were amazing!

      If you have some pics, email them and I'll post them.

    2. Well, no snow here lately at sea level, but the bay in front of my house looks like Hot chocolate. There's debris and logs floating by on the tide, and parts of the road I live on, look like they could slide off anytime. Actually, Monday morning on the way to work, a section of road had sunk another 4 to 6 inches more than it already had. Glad I was driving the 4X4. The road crew just filled it in with gravel. Yeah, that'll work. It's good that a lot of us around here are prepared for the Cascadia subduction zone to slip. The potential earthquake alone, will kill thousands of people, before the Tsunami arrives on shore 15 minutes later. The Tsunami inundation zone model shows it comes right up to within feet of my house, 12 miles up the bay. I got many months of food stored up. A generator, lots of gas, two boats, a Westy, a 4x4 Ford Ranger, and a KLR 650. Chainsaw, propane, and the list goes on. I won't say what I have to protect it all, but if I run out of ammo, my enemy must not be very good, albeit persistent.
      AND...I just got my MAGA hats, just to see if anyone around here wants to try to assault me. That'll be fun!


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