Saturday, December 5, 2020

When You Forget It's 2020 and You Send Santa Your Wishlist...





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A quick surf regarding the new immunity cards...


Now they are pushing this new vaccine and the premise that you will have to become a card carrying member.

I saw that "B" posted about this  HERE<< 

with an added link to ZEROHEDGE <<  


A stop over at BigCountriesPlace and his POST<<   regarding the vaccination record cards had an interesting comment by "chuckinbama"

"Look at the date in the bottom left corner...." 

August huh?  Well, that's a bit interesting now isn't it? 

 It also will be interesting to see the Hollywood Anti-vaxxers  handle this conundrum. 


I'm off with a check list:

Shovel-snowblower-generator-gas-bread-milk-beer-beer-snow pants-beer-hat-gloves-chainsaw-

Did I mention beer?

Stay safe.....

Well Now, That Escalated Quickly.....



"She's comin' on, boys, and she's comin' on strong." -- last recorded words of Billy Tyne.


A few days ago we were expecting 1-2 inches of rain. *blink*

Yup, it's New England.


This is a video recreation of my reaction:



Thursday, December 3, 2020

Getting Ready....












"Mad Max" Actor Hugh Keays-Byrne Dead (aka "Toecutter") At 73














What. The........








You Want A Fraudlist? Here Is Your Fraudlist...



 Saw this link to THE CAPTAIN's JOURNAL over at BROCK'S place<<  


TCJ posted a link to HERE IS THE EVIDENCE<<


The header information there is:


Due to the irregularity of this current 2020 Presidential Election, this is a crowdsourcing tool for organizing anomalies and legal issues. Our desire is that more of the election process would be made transparent so there would be unquestionable confidence in our voting systems.

This is for aggregating publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court, not general election news stories or updates. 

Check it out if you like. I do notice if you try to use the filters they take a while. There must be a huge amount of traffic and information.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

and They Vote.. Multiple Times.














Anti-gay Hungarian politician caught while fleeing naked from a 25 man orgy after police bust it because participants were violating Coronavirus rules (WTF??????)


This cat and his party stand against the LGBT lifestyle, yet he admits he was an active participant. He also had some Ecstasy in his backpack, but denied it was his and offered to take a drug test on the spot. I first saw this story on FOX, but I almost always have difficulty when attempting link one of their stories.  I googled this guy and found several different stories. Here is one. Story

From The Comments...The CDC website states it tracks Flu-Type Viruses by Season


A few simple stated facts, followed by 2 valid questions.

The CDC website states it tracks Flu-Type Viruses by Season. Which is from Oct to May.
Because of seasonal Virus strain changes, seasonal infection rates and etc. due cold vs warm weather propagation..

The CDC and other agencies have reported the C-19 was initially introduced in Nov/Dec. 2019 and has since mutated from the original strain to something like version 6+ according which Gov. or Major Medical Health information site checked.

We know the C-19 Tests initially ran a high False Positive Rate of 20++%.

We know with more wider and stable testing now available, we are likely to see more infection results.

We know the typical C-19 counted death has underlying medical issues, and/or advanced age (60+) and represents a vast majority of all Moralities listed by the CDC.

We know that the typical person with common average health, if they are the approx 2.45% infected, is over the illness in 2 to 3 days and many compared it to a typical Cold. We also know based on previous I/M figures the death rate for infect overall was about 2.5% IF infected.

We know a number States and local hospitals collected extra Federal $$$$ dealing with C-19 patients and related issues. Thus some fudged the cause of death for that $$$$ which inflated the Death counts. Even the CDC publish a memo stating something like 6% C-19 deaths of reported were suspect.

We have been told Masks are "worthless" in 2018 for viruses", were "needed" in May 2020 and "help" in later 2020. We know the typical over the ear paper mask filters from 0.6 microns to 1.0 microns depending on the manufacturer and the N95 masks filters to 0.3 microns, IF TIGHTLY and proper fitted. But the virus is 0.125 microns which MUCH smaller than the filtration of typical COTS publicly worn masks. A majority of reusable Cloth Masks are far worse on filtration.

We are told it safe to attend important funerals, go to certain food restaurants up until 8pm and Wally World up until 10pm. But hazardous in Church services or jails.

We are told we can stand inline to vote by the 100's by cannot drink safely at a bar.

We are we must wear a mask to enter a place, but once seated we are safe remove it and eat food brought to us and drink Ice Tea refilled from a common pitchers and unknown source. An the waitress is safe to handle our glasses and plates without gloves along with 20 other dinners cups and plates also.

But given all the above the one question I want the CDC/WHO/NHI to answer is:

Since the C-19 is following the same SEASONAL PATTERN AS A FLU VIRUS and Mortality rate peaked back on April 18th, according to CDC own website records.

Q#1. Why is the CDC still running a Running Total and not restarted the counters for SEASON #2, which by their own data accounts would have kicked in back in Mid-Oct.?

Q#2. Why is the whole economy in Lock down when we know only a limited focused population is subject to serious medical issues?

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Fence Walker.... Updated... added MP4 version



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For some reason it doesn't want to play on some platforms. I copied it from my phone..

I feel bad for those two...

Sunday Sunshine, Covfefe, Surfing Leads To..."So we're just memory-holing studies that don't align with the narrative? "- "Numbers mean absolutely nothing if you don't give me something to compare it to."


 It's a beautiful blue sky day here at the bunker in the "Live Free( if we allow it) or Die ( of kung-flu)" State of NH.

Last night, the "Boss" was in a text conversation with a friend that's an OR nurse, I interjects and posed the question

 "Ask ******* what they think about the corona virus."

  Response: "It's crap"   

Ask *******  "How many cases are in your hospital?"

Response "5"

Me "Really?", thinks to myself, that's a good sized hospital.

 Follow up response  "That's all. It's a bad flu that affects the already sick and elderly"

Their conversation moved on to other things, as did I. It just confirmed what I have been seeing and hearing.

For example 

1. Teenager, close to family. Positive test. Symptoms: sore throat, no taste. Ended after 3 days. Finished quarantine.

2. Close friend to myself. Family gathering a month or so ago. All in close quarters for the gathering. Three days later one of the offspring felt "like shit" tested positive. All other family members, over 10 total, all tested negative. All. tested. negative. No masks, no social distancing. 

3. People at work:

Father and son went on a trip down south for 4 days just before the new mandates of travel. They were with a group of 16-20 people. Stayed home per mandate when they returned even though there were no cases known. Tests. Negative.

Next person (W)  spent time with non household family members not to long ago. A few days later 3 tested positive then 2 more tested positive. (W) has been tested twice. Both negative.


For the record, I also have friends that have known people that have died from the virus. It's real. It's not a hoax. There is just too much that doesn't pass the smell test, kinda like the recent election. <<<


Which leads to this morning's find at Revernken's Place Up North<<< 

and that started the rabbit hole travels.

First stop was the link to NOTTHEBEE<<

A few days ago Johns Hopkins published a study saying corona is nbd. They then deleted it. Read it here in its entirety. 

 Johns Hopkins published this study on Sunday which posits that Covid is nowhere near the disaster we're being told it is. I would summarize it for you or offer pull-quotes but honestly you just have to read it yourself because it's mind-blowing. The original article is now deleted from the Johns Hopkins website ... for some reason. Luckily the internet is forever and it's available via the Wayback Machine. Here is the article in its entirety:  << 


For those interested here is the WAYBACK LINK<<  


After perusing that post I headed over to the twit and searched the term John Hopkins.

There I found this perspective:




Another interesting post from that search was this one:






Here is that infographic from the paper linked:


  Here is a link to that paper <<<<< 




That's enough negativity for one morning.


 For those that made it this far and would like to see a beautiful red head, Reader David sends:

Finally broke down a bought a CMP M1 Garand (actually two).

 The M1 does my talking! Are you careful what you say or write - Library

I have intended to buy an M1 Garand since the early 90's and for whatever reason I did not. About four years ago, I traded for one at a local gun show. It was a H&R that was pretty nice. I bought a few enbloc clips and took those and the rifle home. I cleaned the Garand that Saturday afternoon. I took it back to the show on Sunday and traded it.  In the last couple of years, two of my friend have bought Garands through the Civilian Marksmanships Store (South) in Anniston, Alabama. They had been encouraging me to "take the plunge". I had researched "what was required" to purchase through CMP and gathered together my documentation. Buying from CMP was much easier than I had imagined. The process of entering the store and selecting a rifle was a little different due to COVID, but everything flowed smoothly . The store opened at eight. I arrived at 6:15 AM. There were two guys from California, one from Texas, and one from Florida that I spoke with while waiting. I was number seven in line and it was first come, first serve. The CMP folks would allow six shoppers in the store for thirty minutes. Once one came out, another shopper could go inside to browse and buy. I had printed off and filled out the forms I would need from the CMP website. The CMP staff had a table set up outside of the door with the same forms. There were also masks and gloves on the table which shoppers had to wear while inside the store. The CMP staff was very helpful and eager to work with potential buyers.  Once inside there were varying grades of M1 Garands, some real nice 1903 Springfields, P-17 Winchesters, ball caps, coffee mugs, ammo, enbloc clips, bandoleros, cleaning kits, and other accessories. I also saw one Springfield 1892-99 Krag Jorgensen rifle for sale. The long story short is I bought a nice "Service Grade" 1945 Springfield M1 Garand. The muzzle gauged "0" and the throat was a "1". In my opinion the rifle is in very good condition. There were only a few small dings in the wood stock and the finish on the metal was nice. Being a late 1945 production and judging from the condition, I would say the rifle never made it out of a rack during WW2. Here are a couple of pictures. 

CMP allows a person to buy eight rifles a year (they will even mail them, but the process isn't a quick as walking in a picking out a rifle). After eating some breakfast and giving the matter some thought, I decided to go back and buy a second rifle. That rifle was "field grade". Like all CMP rifles, it had been thoroughly inspected, test fired, graded, and priced accordingly. It was 1942 Springfield receiver that had been re-barreled in 1952. The metal showed wear and the GI stock had some dings, but the rifle was solid (muzzle gauged "1" and the the throat "2").  Both rifles came with a certificate of authenticity, one enbloc clip, a hard case, instructional manual, and a credit for two hours of range time at the CMP state of the art firing range. I also bought 200 rounds of .30-.06 150 gr. ammo. Here is a photo of the field grade rifle.

I am a novice when it comes to Garands. I did watch several videos pertaining to zeroing a Garand, etc. (yes there is a giant Garand "rabbit hole" on the interweb). I took the rifle out and the first shot was in the black. By the fourth shot, I was cutting dead center. This was at 25 yards. Because of time constraints I only fired ten rounds through the rifle, but it was a tack driver. I am looking forward to trying longer distances when weather and life permits. Here are a few links that might prove helpful to prospective Garand buyers:

Five Reasons to Buy a Garand:

Garand Collector's Assoc.:

Civilian Marksmanship Program Eligibility Requirements with links to other CMP services:

                                            UPDATE regarding ammunition for the M1 Garand.