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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday Sunshine, Covfefe, Surfing Leads To..."So we're just memory-holing studies that don't align with the narrative? "- "Numbers mean absolutely nothing if you don't give me something to compare it to."


 It's a beautiful blue sky day here at the bunker in the "Live Free( if we allow it) or Die ( of kung-flu)" State of NH.

Last night, the "Boss" was in a text conversation with a friend that's an OR nurse, I interjects and posed the question

 "Ask ******* what they think about the corona virus."

  Response: "It's crap"   

Ask *******  "How many cases are in your hospital?"

Response "5"

Me "Really?", thinks to myself, that's a good sized hospital.

 Follow up response  "That's all. It's a bad flu that affects the already sick and elderly"

Their conversation moved on to other things, as did I. It just confirmed what I have been seeing and hearing.

For example 

1. Teenager, close to family. Positive test. Symptoms: sore throat, no taste. Ended after 3 days. Finished quarantine.

2. Close friend to myself. Family gathering a month or so ago. All in close quarters for the gathering. Three days later one of the offspring felt "like shit" tested positive. All other family members, over 10 total, all tested negative. All. tested. negative. No masks, no social distancing. 

3. People at work:

Father and son went on a trip down south for 4 days just before the new mandates of travel. They were with a group of 16-20 people. Stayed home per mandate when they returned even though there were no cases known. Tests. Negative.

Next person (W)  spent time with non household family members not to long ago. A few days later 3 tested positive then 2 more tested positive. (W) has been tested twice. Both negative.


For the record, I also have friends that have known people that have died from the virus. It's real. It's not a hoax. There is just too much that doesn't pass the smell test, kinda like the recent election. <<<


Which leads to this morning's find at Revernken's Place Up North<<< 

and that started the rabbit hole travels.

First stop was the link to NOTTHEBEE<<

A few days ago Johns Hopkins published a study saying corona is nbd. They then deleted it. Read it here in its entirety. 

 Johns Hopkins published this study on Sunday which posits that Covid is nowhere near the disaster we're being told it is. I would summarize it for you or offer pull-quotes but honestly you just have to read it yourself because it's mind-blowing. The original article is now deleted from the Johns Hopkins website ... for some reason. Luckily the internet is forever and it's available via the Wayback Machine. Here is the article in its entirety:  << 


For those interested here is the WAYBACK LINK<<  


After perusing that post I headed over to the twit and searched the term John Hopkins.

There I found this perspective:




Another interesting post from that search was this one:






Here is that infographic from the paper linked:


  Here is a link to that paper <<<<< 




That's enough negativity for one morning.


 For those that made it this far and would like to see a beautiful red head, Reader David sends:


Go enjoy the day.

Stay safe.



  1. If she needs a little help getting that tartan off, I'm sure the are mountains of volunteers.

  2. If you really want a thorough fisking of that COVID nonsense above, I will, but not on your site comments.

    Having to make up for what most people ignored in middle school science and math is approaching the "Seriously Pissed Off" section of the steam pressure gauge.

    1. Aesop. Let me know when you’re done. I have no problem reading opposing views, thoughts , statistics. Thanks

  3. Invalid redhead. I don't see any freckles; an absolute necessity for true redheads.

  4. For those of you thinking that the COVID crapola is real, start looking at the actual data - you will se that the motality rate is now practically flat for all intents and purposes. It's a FLU, for Pete's sake! It's contagious, it affects old and co-morbid people, and the rest of the population is mostly unaffected. It's a DemPanic, is what it is. A whole lot of ignoramuses think it's more deadly than the flu, the Johns Hopkins study shows otherwise.
    Well, gee, Mr Igor, why are the cases rising? *clears throat* Because we now have more testing, that's why!!! Add to the *fact* that the reported cases are including ALL the numbers of tests instead of the number of individuals tested. A lot of people are tested 3-4-5 times... and the ignorant/malevolent idiots count each test instead of each individual, just to inflate the (non-existent) panic!

    This has to be one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated on the World, not just the U.S.

    1. Yeah, but now we've got a fisking from aslop the male nurse incoming. Again. Great. I'm sure he's reasonably competent at his day job, but jeebers, stick to what you know. Just another attention hound.

    2. I think you mean it mostly just kills old and co-morbid people. All of my kids (5 + 3 spouses) are between 20-27, and nearly all have had it, except 1... if affect people of all ages (my 9 month old grandson had it too), but seems to mostly only kill the older and people with other conditions (diabetes, heart diseases (high blood pressure seems pretty prevalent in people that die from it), obesity, cancers, etc.)

    3. GJ. That is what this post is about. The co-morbidities and the data.

  5. imagine a deadly pandemic so dangerous you have to be tested to find out if you have it.

    1. or one hat you have to replicate the test medium 1 billion times to get a positive test.

    2. Oh, if you get it you know you have it, you don't need to be tested to find out. Starts with headaches, moves to loss of smell, then you're tired for 4-5 days. So far of the 10 of us (myself, 5 kids, 3 spouses, 1 grandson) 8 of them have had it. All had headaches leading up to it (not sure about 9 month old), 6 of the 7 completely lost their sense of smell (not counting 9 month old because who knows?) - 1 partially did. 5 of them were really tired and slept a lot for 4-5 days, 2 of the others were tired for 1 to 1 1/2 days but also those same 2 got chills really bad for about a day where as the other 5 didn't. None died... they're all between 20-27 though, other than my grandson who was 9 months at the time.

      I can also tell you this, and it's pretty interesting. The 1 that only kind of lost his sense of smell and wasn't tired at all has type-O blood. Also, the only one of my kids that hasn't gotten it has type-O blood. She's an auto mechanic at a dealership where there's about 40 mechanics, nearly all the mechanics have gotten it except for her. She's had to get tested 5 times now and quarantine 6 because of direct exposure to infected mechanics (sharing tools/equipment) but she's never been positive. Not only that but they were dumb shits and [knowingly] allowed a positive tested mechanic work, which then got 7 or 8 others infected and they needed to close down for 2 weeks. Knowingly because all the other mechanics knew it and were refusing to work with the guy, but supposedly the management didn't. One did die, he was older, overweight and according to my daughter probably not the healthiest. Also, I've not had it, I don't have O blood type though, A actually, and I had moved the 2 that got it, the two with the chills the weekend they got the chills and then tested positive, but my test was negative after that and I had no symptoms. I was just told today too that someone who I was with Saturday is having symptoms today and getting tested tomorrow... so ugh... can't wait until it's over.

    3. GJ, interesting your comment referencing blood-type. I have seen mention of that in other areas. Maybe a little more digging to see what is written about it elsewhere.

      For comparison, I am surrounded everyday by over 50 peoples. We do not have the luxury of working from home nor do we have the space for social distancing. There are many instances of people knowing people,family, friends that have gotten sick and or tested positive with minimal symptoms. Every day we have our protocols to follow. Automatic temperature taking ( which may or may not be a metric ). Mandatory mask policy ( other than in an office or if you can stay 6 feet away). You are not allowed to come to work if you do not feel well. ( There have been plenty of days with people calling in). Again,
      50 plus employees with families, friends, kids, grandkids. Going out to the supermarket, for dinner, to friends houses etc. Some are very cautious others not so much. Still. No cases in our four walls.

    4. The blood type thing is pretty interesting for sure. All my kids and their spouses are A+ or A- except my two youngest, the O's, so far seems they handle it differently, the one that got it wouldn't have noticed if not for getting tested because he kind of lost his sense of smell and my other daughter hounded him until he got tested - he comes in contact with probably a 1000 people a day at his job, so I'm pretty sure that's where he got it, and I'd guess he probably gave it to a few people before he had symptoms. Luckily he had a few days off before he had gotten tested, so hopefully not too many.

      For sure I think the virus that's going around now has evolved to be less deadly. If a virus kills you it kills itself. It doesn't want to do that so it has to evolve to not kill you. The more virulent the more likely the host dies, the less virulent the more likely they live to spread it around. Not that people aren't still dying, they are, but not in the percentages when this thing first hit. I think that one mostly killed itself off and we're left with this less lethal one.
      I'm in the Midwest, and it's really been making the rounds the last few months, particularly this month. I have a large/close family (uncles/aunts/cousins), I'd say in the last 6-8 weeks about 1/2 have gotten it, that's 40+ or so cases... we actually did have to cancel Thanksgiving this year because of it. My cousin got it when it started, back in March/April, he's in his 50's and very healthy, runner, etc... he had to be put in a coma for 45 days. He has worked his way back... he's still not 100% but he's getting back to normal. He looks a lot better now then he did when he was first sent home.

      I see on here people saying the numbers are higher because more people are getting tested. I actually think it's the opposite, the numbers are higher and not everyone is getting tested. I know whole families that just had it, didn't bother getting tested because they knew they had it.

      Here they bill you if you have a positive test, but the negative tests are free, no sense in paying to know you have the virus when you know you have it. BTW same thing with an annual physical. If they don't find anything it's free, if they find something you have to pay for it. We have to have one of the most backward health systems in the world.

      I'm ready for it to be over, I'm surprised that it's taken off again this month. Typically in the Midwest we rarely leave our houses from the end of Oct until April/May again when the snow is gone... except to maybe go grocery shopping. I could understand after Thanksgiving and Christmas but things got kind of bad about the first and second week of Nov. It wasn't voting, normally I'd have to stand in line to vote, this year it was a ghost town at the polling place.

  6. I thought NH was the : Live Free and Get a Permit State?

    (Referencing the fire pit story, from a time long ago)

    Whitehall, NY

    1. No permits any mores. Now you have to have zee-payperz!!

  7. My neighbor was the first covid death in our county, at least according to the state of Oregon. She went to Dallas, TX to visit her daughter. she got sick there, and was hospitalized, then put on a ventilator. When she died, an autopsy determined that she had NO fluid in her lungs, and had actually died from complications caused by the drugs they give you when you're on a ventilator. So, she died in TX, but she was counted as a covid death in Oregon (probably counted in TX too), and she didn't die of Covid, but rather of financially-incentivized medical malpractice.

    1. Again, more and more of these types of stories. Sorry to hear about your neighbor RK.

  8. ...and there's this news item stating that the PCR test used to diagnose Kung Flu has a very high false positive return. Nemo


    1. The medical researcher that actually designed the test said quite clearly that if the Cycle Test is over 25, the test is pretty much useless. See how PCR tests work for details.

      In Electrical Engineering we call that "amplifying noise". With the same results, I might add...

    2. https://granitegrok.com/blog/2020/07/update-on-vermont-covid19-testing-73-of-tests-were-false-positives

      73% false postive. now that's about useless.

  9. igor gets bonus points for the "amplifying noise" comment; that is a parallel for many other subjects these days.

  10. A few simple stated facts, followed by 2 valid questions.

    The CDC website states it tracks Flu-Type Viruses by Season. Which is from Oct to May.
    Because of seasonal Virus strain changes, seasonal infection rates and etc. due cold vs warm weather propagation..

    The CDC and other agencies have reported the C-19 was initially introduced in Nov/Dec. 2019 and has since mutated from the original strain to something like version 6+ according which Gov. or Major Medical Health information site checked.

    We know the C-19 Tests initially ran a high False Positive Rate of 20++%.

    We know with more wider and stable testing now available, we are likely to see more infection results.

    We know the typical C-19 counted death has underlying medical issues, and/or advanced age (60+) and represents a vast majority of all Moralities listed by the CDC.

    We know that the typical person with common average health, if they are the approx 2.45% infected, is over the illness in 2 to 3 days and many compared it to a typical Cold. We also know based on previous I/M figures the death rate for infect overall was about 2.5% IF infected.

    We know a number States and local hospitals collected extra Federal $$$$ dealing with C-19 patients and related issues. Thus some fudged the cause of death for that $$$$ which inflated the Death counts. Even the CDC publish a memo stating something like 6% C-19 deaths of reported were suspect.

    We have been told Masks are "worthless" in 2018 for viruses", were "needed" in May 2020 and "help" in later 2020. We know the typical over the ear paper mask filters from 0.6 microns to 1.0 microns depending on the manufacturer and the N95 masks filters to 0.3 microns, IF TIGHTLY and proper fitted. But the virus is 0.125 microns which MUCH smaller than the filtration of typical COTS publicly worn masks. A majority of reusable Cloth Masks are far worse on filtration.

    We are told it safe to attend important funerals, go to certain food restaurants up until 8pm and Wally World up until 10pm. But hazardous in Church services or jails.

    We are told we can stand inline to vote by the 100's by cannot drink safely at a bar.

    We are we must wear a mask to enter a place, but once seated we are safe remove it and eat food brought to us and drink Ice Tea refilled from a common pitchers and unknown source. An the waitress is safe to handle our glasses and plates without gloves along with 20 other dinners cups and plates also.

    But given all the above the one question I want the CDC/WHO/NHI to answer is:

    Since the C-19 is following the same SEASONAL PATTERN AS A FLU VIRUS and Mortality rate peaked back on April 18th, according to CDC own website records.

    Q#1. Why is the CDC still running a Running Total and not restarted the counters for SEASON #2, which by their own data accounts would have kicked in back in Mid-Oct.?

    Q#2. Why is the whole economy in Lock down when we know only a limited focused population is subject to serious medical issues?


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