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Saturday, December 5, 2020

A quick surf regarding the new immunity cards...


Now they are pushing this new vaccine and the premise that you will have to become a card carrying member.

I saw that "B" posted about this  HERE<< 

with an added link to ZEROHEDGE <<  


A stop over at BigCountriesPlace and his POST<<   regarding the vaccination record cards had an interesting comment by "chuckinbama"

"Look at the date in the bottom left corner...."



August huh?  Well, that's a bit interesting now isn't it? 

 It also will be interesting to see the Hollywood Anti-vaxxers  handle this conundrum. 


I'm off with a check list:

Shovel-snowblower-generator-gas-bread-milk-beer-beer-snow pants-beer-hat-gloves-chainsaw-

Did I mention beer?

Stay safe.....


  1. Snowing giant flakes to beat the band here in the Nashua area. It rained last night, now this.

  2. So, are they planning on checking ILLEGALS for their immunization cards before they allow them to cross the border, drop an anchor baby and apply for lifetime "free shit"? Asking for a friend...

  3. COVID-19 isn't a virus name, it is an acronym for an operation.


    It is a program using your phone, 5G, the IoT, microchips, et al to track your every movement, transaction, interaction from the cradle to the grave. Can you say, "contact tracing"?
    Things that most would have said is the stuff of conspiracy nuts. Yet they openly tell you that is exactly what they are proposing.

    Whitehall, NY

  4. Irish, beer for freezing weather is not good. Try some Jameson Black Barrel; it gives a warm glow inside.

  5. Vaccination record cards have been around for a century...
    As for the pro vaxxers making claims like vaccines ended Polio (etc) you all might want to read this (for one):


  6. I was mentioned by The Irishman !!! I must be dropping a nugget every now and them.....


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