Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Irish Goes For A Taste Of Texas....

   I am part way through reading OLDNFO's book "The Grey Man Vignettes" .
 ( I'm enjoying it so far).

  One of the characters mentions SHINER BOCK with the added info of  "It's a Texas beer, and about the only damn thing you'll see around here". I figured it was a real beer brewed in Texas but being in the Northeast I doubted I would ever see it unless I traveled south someday.  So tonight as I'm walking into the "PACKIE" I see a sign that reads "We NOW have Shiner Bock".  Needless to say I whisked myself right to the cooler and grabbed a 6 pack.   It's got a nice taste, lighter in color and flavor than I expected but definitely one I would get again. 

Thanks OldNFO!

No Wake Zone Buoy Is Kinda Close To Shore...

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The War In Iraq Is Ov..........hmmmm

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♫♫Leigh Got Me In a Rush Mood..... ♫♫

Here is the short story from 1973 that the song was supposedly based on:

It was a fine morning in March 1982. The warm weather and clear sky gave promise of an early spring. Buzz had arisen early that morning, impatiently eaten breakfast and gone to the garage. Opening the door, he saw the sunshine bounce off the gleaming hood of his 15-year-old MGB roadster. After carefully checking the fluid levels, tire pressures and ignition wires, Buzz slid behind the wheel and cranked the engine, which immediately fired to life. He thought happily of the next few hours he would spend with the car, but his happiness was clouded - it was not as easy as it used to be.


thanks to BLOG for the info

Best Comedy / Pinocchio Act Ever....