Saturday, July 12, 2014

Heard At The Bunker This Morning...

Irish to Dan1,  "How's Dan2 doing?"

Dan1, "He's good, started a new job."

Irish,  "That's good, is it a good company?"

Dan1  "Yes, he likes it"

Irish   "Maybe he can get you in there?"

Dan1  "There's no openings, he's looked. There is nothing open anywhere I've looked"

Irish  "Maybe you should try the border?"

We both laughed out loud.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Meanwhile, In Iceland....

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Yup... Monday...

Good Read Over The Weekend.. 'The Last Open Road' by Burt Levy

Set in the early 50's The Last Open Road follows a young Buddy Palumbo as he enjoys first love, spinning wrenches and hanging around the open car race circuit. It's Funny ( I had a few laugh out loud moments ) and captivating.  Just a fun overall book to escape the drudgery of the day. I wasn't born until the early 60's
but I can appreciate what it must have been like for the characters in this novel...

I would recommend it!  Click the pic for the Amazon Link: