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The Rabbit Hole Tour On Friday Evening.... The Carolina Bays... Bon Voyage....


I had never heard of the "Carolina Bays" until last night.  Scrolling through Facebook there was

a satellite image of the bays that was posted.

Interesting, huh?  Just like me to start searching for info out of the subconscious

thought..... 'that's cool, let's hit google'.  ( Opens the door to the rabbit hole)


After a few stops I found this article:


 The Author's 'About' page <<<

Make sure to visit the various header listings. This one is data from LiDAR

 Sample image:



From what I gather there have been various "theories" on what caused these.


Then, I found this video:

This one is awe inspiring if you can fathom this type of event.

When you open the video there is a "Show More" toggle under the title and poster.

Click that for a large description and lots of links.  I have copied and pasted it below the 

fold to make it easier if you like. If some of the links don't work go to the video 'show more'

Have fun on your travels 




IF you, as I do, like digging into these interesting findings, take a minute to imagine seeing this

type of event in real time.

There is so much we don't know, and stuff we don't know we don't know....

Thursday, June 8, 2023










Aerosol Index- Canada Wildfires....


  From the NASA FIRMS site.


Play around with the layers and settings. Here is the Aerosols map and definition of the layer toggled on.




Whether Or Not You Agree or Disagree With His Politics, This Interview and Overall Message is worth the 20 minutes...


  Roger has obviously been passionate about the hot-button conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In this interview he offers a strong message of his feelings and convictions and explains many

unanswered questions on the reasons for his stance, and some insight to his life.


 Again, you may not agree with the man and his convictions but he explains the whys.








Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A Quick Note From "The Tactical Hermit"....


 TH says:

Yeah Wordpress nuked me for hurting their feelings.
Fucking Communist.
I had been on their radar for a while for being an "Alt-Right White Supremacist" I was kind of expecting it.

I plan on migrating over to a Private Server with my own IP when I can find the time to do it...when that happens I will email you the addy.




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Grandmothers, Teaching Life Lessons The Old School Way....










Mutual Of Irish's Wild Kingdom..... The FAFO Chronicles....."treated for non life-threatening injuries"








Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Once You Hear It...










Game camera captures images of "scantily clad witches" chomping down on a putrefied deer carcass

                         "You can't make up such a thing as that. I dare you too even try."

This sounds like one of those stories that really cannot be made up. Either it is a truly bizarre story or someone has "punked" grandpa's game camera. I'm leaning towards the latter.

After finding a dead deer carcass, Coriena Stanhope (36) and her grandpa decided to put up a game camera and see what critters might be interested in the rotting deer. I came home the next day and grandpa said he got some naked people on the camera and I said "no you didn't". He said BU!!$hit" and showed me she said.

More HERE.

Well Now, That Escalated Quickly..... 30 seconds



extruded.aluminium factory Jun 22
by u/GaRgAxXx in CatastrophicFailure



From the comments section:

One second from the hydraulic failure to start of fire.

~9 seconds after the fire started he returned to the desk.

~5 seconds after that the desk was splattered with molten aluminum and on fire.

~24 seconds after the fire started for everything to turn into a hellscape with collapsing ceiling tiles, which was ~13 seconds after he returned to the desk.

If that doesn’t tell you to GTFO instantly if a fire starts in an enclosed space, nothing will. Less than 30 seconds to get out before being burned alive.

Edit: E: u/dragonczeck has experience with these machines, so I’d read what he has to say. which is to say it isn’t metal.


Another article HERE <<<<




Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Night Adult Comedy......