Saturday, August 14, 2021

“Clean SalvageTitle”

 That’ll buff right out!  The driver self extricated after hitting the box truck that was parked in the breakdown lane  

Aug. 10—LONDONDERRY — The driver of a pickup truck badly damaged in a highway crash Monday afternoon escaped with only minor injuries, according to New Hampshire State Police.

The names of those involved and a cause of the crash were not announced as of Tuesday afternoon.

State police troopers and local firefighters were called to the scene on Interstate 93 north in Londonderry at 3:25 p.m. Monday.

Investigators say a 2018 Ram 1500 hit a disabled 2003 Chevy box van in the breakdown lane.

The driver of the Ram was brought to Elliot Hospital with minor injuries, according to state police

Friday, August 13, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago....



Get ready.....


Mornin' ! TFIF...


 Make it two please....

Here we are on Friday the 13th. It's a beautiful sunny day outside although hot and humid with a heat index into the 100 degree mark. I took today off to use up some PTO. 

Everyday there is tension. On the surface having to deal with the day to day BS of manufacturing and maintaining a commitment to quality and on-time delivery to our customers. Under the surface, the tension of the personnel.  Both vaxxed and unvaxxed have to wear masks now unless you can "maintain" six feet. The vaxxed are pissed so they complain that the unvaxxed are under six feet sometimes without masks. This is a constant baby-sitting cycle.

 Next up is the posturing for trying to climb the ladder and throwing others under the bus. 

There is no trust, minimal team work and most just watch for the clock to hit end shift. 

You have to watch every word that you utter to make sure it's not misconstrued or can be used against you with HR.

 A large percentage are not fans of the current CoC in office. This alone adds to the day to day subconscious thoughts of WTF am I going to wake up to today? 


I believe a lot of the underlying tension has to do with the current climate of world events.

That being said, there are some good guys ( can't use that noun) , employees, that make things happen but they are not the norm.

Most 10 hour days feel like a lifetime.

Enjoy the day.