Friday, July 9, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..... Beer Thirty!!






TGIF!!.. Oh Ya We Do!... and, a visit from and an old troll friend...



NO. Shit.



 One of the resident trolls that darkened the comment section stopped by recently. He, she, it, them, they, what ever they are and call themselves was a constant haunt on Soylent's old site. I believe "Leonard" had a few go rounds in the comment sections.

One thing I like to do is try and figure out screen names. Hmmm Patroller.  

My best guess seeing that a "Patroller" would be a troll that patrols something.

Troll's enjoy living under things in dark secret areas.

Maybe our visitor is in the habit of patrolling the holding tanks in a porto-pottys.

It makes complete sense.

 This could actually be said Troll!




Here is a little FFF "warmup". I imagine the whole show will be up around "beerthirty"!

AshBCoffin - 63 Pics

AshBCoffin - 63 Pics

AshBCoffin - 63 Pics

Thursday, July 8, 2021

My Friend's New Toy

A friend of mine has had this replica Tiger I on order for a while. The builder used a T-54 chassis (turned around). He used a scale model for the finer details, but would drive to the Bovington, England Museum and measure their original Tiger I for the larger stuff. The photographs are of the Katzen being loaded onto a lowboy for transport to port in England. It arrived last week in the states. It does require some fine adjustments, Zimmerit applied and then painted. I will try to post pictures of the finished product in the near future. Enjoy.


                                            Copy and paste the links below to view videos of this beast.



Sunday, July 4, 2021

Nowadays You Can't Have Anything Nice....



Happy Independence Day!


Pin on Barbara Eden

Bob has been talking about the Queen again and on Independence Day

                        The Independence Day line is at app. 4:15. Personally, I like the whole movie.

245 Years, We will not go quietly into the night.....


  The following was sent in by TFI reader Ray. Thank you!


On this 4th of July, I urge you to take time to consider the 245 years that have passed since a group of brave souls banded together to declare their independence from Great Britain, then the greatest power on the earth, and begin to fight to establish the country that is today the US of A.

It is self evident that as with all things, unless maintained, the natural state of things is to decay and deteriorate into a state of chaos and ruin.  That is simply a natural state of things but when it is aided and encouraged by termites and roaches of the communist ilk, well then, unless forces are brought to bear to clean out the infestation, the destruction will be slow but sure.

I am forwarding on this post from a blog I read because I like a lot of what the author writes.  Her name is Sarah Hoyt.  Her forte is on the sci-fi front and I don't much care for that, but as a Portuguese immigrant with excellent writing skills, she conveys her messages well, especially when it comes to how she feels about her adopted country.

Maybe it has been awhile since you read the Declaration of Independence but if you take a look at it fresh, it would appear to match today what those brave souls where rebelling against so many years ago.  A government run amok, out of control, concerned only with itself, its growth in coffers and power and treating those paying into it like swine before the slaughter.  And now we are seeing them make bargains with our primary enemies abroad, and, well, the future does not look promising at all.

We can each do our part in "Standing our Ground."  Stand up for free speech against the social media types, get news from other than the Lame Stream Media who have sold out to Big Interests.  Stand up for Freedom of Religion which is being attacked every day around the country, and the world, especially the Christian faith.  Stand up for the Second Amendment.  We don't need no stinking right to bear arms to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.  And despite what slo-Joe thinks, gun ownership is not primarily about hunting.

Our rights are being chipped away bit by bit.  Call me crazy, or agree with me.  But we cannot stand by and do nothing.

God bless America, the last best hope for freedom on this planet.  The forces of evil are on the march in a way never seen before in history.


  The post at "According To Hoyt" starts:

On this occluded independence day, I beg you to read the declaration of independence.

I think it’s a mandatory religious observance for my fictional (mostly) USAians on their high holy holiday, but hey, it won’t hurt you either.

Most of all, remember you’re Americans. Remember the words that make men free and make tyrants quake.

It is our duty, our obligation and our very great privilege to make sure that in the next decade, in the next century, in the next millennium, on Earth or in the far flung stars the words carry on, liberty carries on, and tyrants are powerless against them.

Yes, the danger is great. And we must grow to meet it.

Go and light up the skies with fireworks, so we can see our flag by the rockets bursting in air.

Be not afraid.