Friday, February 18, 2011

Short and to the point....

Dear Mr. Moulitsas,

May I call you Kos? I know everybody else does. Thanks. Anyway, last night you wrote an open letter of your own, on Twitter. It was brief, of course. Surveying the goings-on in Wisconsin, you said, “Dear Tea Baggers, It’s our turn now.”

"WELL worth the read here"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dyslexia *....

It's too bad that Teleprompter Jesus didn't have
it in his own mind.......

* no offense meant to Dyslexics

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If there are no humans in the forest.......

is this the conversation?

Modern Male Fairy Tale..... (adult)

A Male's Fairy Tale 
(with pictures to help :) )....................

Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess Will you marry me?

The Princess said NO !

And the Prince lived happily ever after :D

and rode motorcycles,

and made love to skinny big breasted broads,

and hunted,

and raced cars,

and went to naked bars

and dated women half his age

and drank whiskey, beer and Captain Morgan

and never heard bitching

and never paid child support or alimony

and had great sex with cheerleaders,

and kept his house
and guns 

and never got cheated on while he was at work
and all his friends and family thought he was fuckin cool as hell
and had tons of money in the bank

and left the toilet seat up ..... The end

Making the Hair Stand up on the back of your neck...

Quarantines. The closing of businesses. Mass evacuations. Warrantless searches of homes. The slaughter of infected animals and the seizing of property. When laws can be suspended and whether infectious people can be isolated against their will or subjected to mandatory treatment. It is all there, in dry legalese, in the manual, published by the state court system and the state bar association.

Does anyone feel that there is an attack forth coming?

We have heard about the WMD's that supposidly have been found.
We know that the terrorists are not defeated.
We know the borders are open and not at all secure.
We know President panty-waist and his administration are pussies.

and now we have a legal document for the apocolypse???

I know its the New York times but...


Monday, February 14, 2011

Criminals for Gun Control

Violent criminals advocate stronger gun laws to foster a safer work environment and limit their exposure to risk.

File under WTF?

England is tipping into the Atlantic Ocean faster than Guam..

This is unreal! People are putting up wire mesh to protect their belongings from theives. Makes sense right? Well not in jolly old England, where the police are warning the victims.. yes the victims, that the robbers might get hurt and sue... are you fucking serious I ask?

Some have been warned by police that using wire mesh to reinforce shed windows was ''dangerous’’ and could lead to criminals claiming compensation if they ''hurt themselves’’.

A police source added: “Homemade devices can cause injury and there have been cases where criminals have sued for injuries they have suffered while committing a criminal act.

''We are advising people to do whatever they can to protect their property, but wire mesh is not one of the suggestions we would make.”

I'm still shaking my head....( you will too)

"Link Here"

I found this interesting..... to say the least

Our unique product is specially formulated to deliver the finest quality swine hemoglobin to the recipient. Emulsified in a complex matrix of water soluble binding agents, this single ingredient is known to the Jihadist terrorist to contaminate the body, spirit and soul, preventing admission into eternal Paradise.

"Crusader Ammo"