Thursday, May 12, 2022

Update on Mom...


  Mom is doing better, thank god, and thank you all for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.

I spoke with her a few times yesterday as well as to her nurse. She sounds less congested and 

they have reduced the oxygen levels to less than when she went in. She only has an oxygen 

cannula under her nose and IV for fluids. She is eating and staying hydrated.

As far as she is aware , no remdesivir.  We have other issues to take care of that involve Dad,

so she has to get her "helmet on and get back in the game". Something she used to tell me.

Life sometimes throws you a huge shit sandwich. The only way is to digest it is in small bites

and one day it will be gone only to be replaced by something else. In between that, the sun

shine feels warm as it rises in the sky. Everything is sprouting and budding. The birds sing

Rabbits and squirrels frolic in the yard,

and the cats want to eat them...

Caesar on the left and Julius on the right. Both were feral. Julius adopted us and we adopted Caesar.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

More On "The Boy In The Boat" a few posts below..... Someone recognized him....


 "So, I recognized the boy in the boat.  The grandchild of Czarist Russian émigrés and son of a Scandinavian émigré, the boy in the boat grew up in the wilds of the Northwest coastline. Latchkey kid, parents scraping by, chooses flight school in lieu of an "invitation" from LBJ in '65.


The governments straps a $3 million Huey gunship to his backside first tour, he gets a 6-month vacay flying the Czech border in an unarmed CH-34, and finally, straps a +/- $11 million Cobra gunship to that same backside for his return engagement, second tour.


All in all, the boy in the boat went on to fly 996 combat missions in Vietnam over the two tours, never losing a man and never losing a gunship.  Bronze Star, Air Medals, Distinguished Flying Cross. 


Understand, though, if driving the boat and the helicopters weren't dangerous enough, the boy in the boat went on to become a high school shop teacher and 25 years after that, married some feral Texas chick.


We can only hope boys today get a chance at a life like that..."




Thanks SO Much For The Input. No Remdesivir For Mom.


  She's doing Ok and stable. We can't visit due to the Covid so everything is over the phone.

The nurses are great and I am thankful at this time.

I have made it clear they are not to administer Remdesivir.

I told her Mom to ask for the monoclonal antibodies.

She is awake and aware so she has to tell the Dr. what to do. If that changes then I 

am the proxy.

Again, thank you for all the input. I needed confirmation of my choice to help her.


Remdesivir? Yes or No?

 My mother is in the hospital with Covid and they want to give her remdisivir.  I remember hearing it’s bad. 

Any input ?  


Back In The Day When Men Were Made....


 Not like the fruitloops of today.




Searches for old Johnson Seahorse Outboards I found this image of a AT-10 Early 1940's?


Estimating the young man's age he was probably born in the early 30's.

My dad was born in 1933 he will be 89 in July. God willing he makes it.

I wonder what kind of life the boy in the boat had?



H/t to A for the pictures of the young skipper.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Irish 1 Screw 0

On Wednesday I posted about the lost then found license plate screw.

♪♫♪ Should it stay or should it go? ♪♫♪

I had some time today and decided to futz around and see about getting it out.

eewtoob had some good info of why I chose to not go deep into the project.

Basically, the TJ tank is strapped to the skid plate and the whole assembly is 

raised into postition. Fuck, that.

Here is a still from one of the videos. 

You have to depressurize the fuel system. Disconnect hoses and the fill tube. Wiring etc.

At any point, as Murphy's Law notes, I know something would go wrong.

I grabbed the little endoscope wifi camera and after a few tries I got this view:

The screw had made it's way into one of the formed stiffening channels. 

There is plenty of room to let it spend the rest of it's life there but I figured

 I would make a little more of an effort to get it out.

I aimed a flash light through the drain hole and could see that the screw was aft of the hole.

After some manipulation with the flexible magnet doo-hickey I got the screw to the hole

and hanging down. 

I was able to easily fish a piece of 22 gauge stranded copper wire through the hole 

and up and out of the skid plate. 

The plate is wet from the PB Blaster that I had prepped all the hardware

with ahead of time. 

I just took a rag and wiped it all around. 

Someone noted how rust free this TJ is.

 It lived it's life in Florida and it is completely void of any rot other than surface rust.

Here you can see the screw and wire in the drain hole.


I flared the stranded wires and wrapped them around the threads of the screw.

A small strip of gorilla tape finished the job.

Slow easy pull and it was extracted.

I'm gonna put it under my pillow and see if the missing hardware fairy will visit 

 in the middle of the night.


I win.