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The Truth (and Lies) about Coronavirus ... an interesting read.


Primary Author: David Williams, MD 
Revised April 23 with updates to section regarding COVID-19 deaths and the addendum.

The Truth (and Lies) about Coronavirus
This is being written on April 19, 2020. Although there is a central author, it is being written on behalf of multiple physicians in West Alabama and will be distributed through multiple medical offices. Between us we have well over a hundred years of practice and have treated hundreds of thousands of patients suffering infectious diseases. Including mission trips we have treated patients on five continents. We planned this date for several reasons. First, most of our patients now realize there is something “funny” about the coverage and handling of this disease. Secondly, if it wasn’t being handled differently by April 19, we knew it would take action from us and our patients to change that handling. Finally, we were told in March by our state officials that experts predicted New York, Florida, Texas, and Alabama were projected to have the median most fatalities from the COVID-19 outbreak with the peak in Alabama expected to be April 19. On this date, Alabama was supposed to be on pace for 5,516 deaths and be short over 21,000 hospital beds. The information just listed, and every piece of information discussed below, can be verified with a quick internet search. Many of the sources will be directly referenced. So here goes:
TRUTH: COVID-19 is an actual medical disease that will lead to tragic deaths.  Although this seems obvious, it should be clear that no one involved wishes to express anything but sympathy to those affected and their families. Respiratory failure is a terrible way to die. That is true if that death is due to asthma, COPD, pneumonia, influenza, smoke inhalation, cystic fibrosis, ALS, or COVID-19.
LIE: We don’t know much about coronavirus. This is one of the media’s favorite lies. It is much scarier if it is unknown. We know that coronavirus is a zoonotic disease. In other words, it’s natural hosts are birds and animals as opposed to humans. We vaccinate domestic animals for them. We know that four forms cause colds every year. We know it mutates and evolves just like the flu. We know it sometimes becomes deadly as it has in SARS and MERS. We have done medical studies on coronavirus as a coexisting illness in patients in the past.

 At the end of the article the author answered received criticism with this which I wanted to add so you get the context from which he writes:

REVISED April 23, 2020. For those who question whether I am truly anti-fear, as opposed to having another agenda, President Trump disagreed “strongly” with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s decisions to reopen certain businesses in his state. I strongly agree with Governor Kemp. 

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Thanks Celebrities! We Couldn't Make It Without You...

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Friday Femme Fatale... Mega Post because #youguysarethebest

   Okay  Irish, Whatta ya got?

 Hello?  You Ready?

 Good start...................

 You better tell your secretary you're not taking calls, you're gonna be a while.....

♫♫ Let's Take It Back To 1977... ♫♫ End The Lockdown... Time To Be A Freebird..

Ya, they overplayed this song but watch it just for the history. 1977

Oakland Coliseum Stadium.. packed.

Geez.. No One Is Patient When I'm Working On a FFF Post......

Oil Funds, investing, Quick Hit, Recovery....

 You can't tell me that where the price of anything "oil" is right now is not gonna make millions for some people who invest. Sooner, rather than later, this shit show will end.

It's gotta go back up, doesn't it? I have been reading about ETF funds that are in the couple buck range.If they go back up to say $10.00 it's 5X.

I know it's gambling and it's risky but I try and be optimistic.

My questions, and it would be great to see comments and discussion, are:

What would you watch for?  Relax restrictions? Restaurants open? Trump landslide ( too late to buy I bet)

What stocks, funds, would you buy?

Links to research pages?



Play nice, I'm been working on a FFF post for tonight.

These are from Skip:

aaand.... It's Friday...

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An Irish Poll

Are You Sick Of Hearing , Reading or Talking About Covid 19?

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I'll Pay Attention Again If Shit Goes Sideways
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Uh Oh... Better Get Maaco....

Dangerous Curves

♫♫ 2:00AM... My Brain Decided To Write A Song.... ♫♫

For what ever reason, I woke up with Year of the Cat in my head and this was the change.

  With all due respect to Al Stewart...

Year Of The Bat

On the morning from a Steve King Novel
In a market place you wouldn't dine
She staggered through the crowd with Corona
It was a matter of time

It came out of Wuhan strongly spreading
like a wild fire with no rain
Don't bother asking for explanations
History look back will tell you that it came
It the year of the bat

They don't give you time to question
as they lock down like its been rehearsed
And sheep follow 'till their sense of which direction
Completely disappears

Down the empty aisles in the market walls
The toilet paper and cleaners are all gone
These days, you say, I'm feeling really pissed off
and I don't like living through
The year of the bat

While others look at you so cooly
and their eyes pierce behind masks
They stay six feet in case you're contagious
So you buy what can and go find what's waiting outside
In the year of the bat

Well morning comes and you're still here
and the jobs and small business are gone
and they've taken away your choice and issued tickets
So you have to stay home

But the drum beats strain for the strongly hearted
In the rhythm of the newborn day
You know sometime your bound to leave here
But for now you've gotta to stay
In the year of the bat

Year of the Bat

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Anyone Want To Feel Oooooold?.......


Set the wayback machine to 1972..................

One of the GREATEST recording artist in country music who passed this month in 2016. R.I.P. Merle Haggard








             I probably should have put a break in there somewhere. I hope yall enjoy them as much as I still do.

And now you know the rest of the story

                                                                              How The Sufaris Wrote Wipe Out

The Actual

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Examining the facts of Corona-virus in NH...


 I spent some time stepping through this video due to time constraints. There are a lot of interesting points being made both locally and that are going on in other parts of the country.


Land of The Free....

Making a stand in Emerald Isle NC, against unconstitutional laws that prohibit swimming. On Tuesday April 14, three local surfers were arrested for not leaving the water due to town ordinance. Today April 16, Retired Chief Rife entered the water in uniform bringing a sign along that read "Land of the Free." The police chief was called as back up, he asked him if he would leave the water, to which rife responded "No." They then left and said that Rife could remain in the water.


H/t to Al.

I Think He's On To Something....

Functional... maybe not for the "rona" but I don't think he cares.

Reader Skip sent the above and also this one:

sent in by Skip.