Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Femme Fatale Farrago... Fortunately Fixed and Filed Forthrighly....

   The carcass of the old computer lies motionless on it's side. The blue screen of death appeared

at dawn just before sunrise. Irish mutters "what the actual fuck" as he fervently works to repair

the damage knowing FFF is but a mere 14 hours away. Upon returning from work with tips from his 

IT manager the hard drive is ripped from the abdomen of the old chassis and spliced into

the body of a surrogate. ( Luckily I had twin Dell work stations from my previous life )

  IT was home drinking a beer as was Irish so the technical assistance over the phone was

 something to be marveled at.

Digits fingering the keys and permissions being configured the drive comes to life. 

As the clock slowly inches it's way to 8:30pm Irish knows there are people that are counting on

him to git er' done.

I'm still fucked with all the passwords and other information I need to transfer and access. I do have

some back ups but you never quite plan on having the Blue Screen of Death at zero dark thirty

on Friday morning.   Needless to say...... I did my best.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021


 Two cousins from Birmingham, AL ambush three officers in Carroll County Georgia. Watch as one of the "cousins" opens up with an AK-47 (if for a second anyone believes this perp went through a background check or purchased this weapon from a licensed dealer or that any gun laws would have prevented this, then I would suggest a thorough mental evaluation and fast). For whatever reason, when the video is "clicked" the message "video unavailable". "Click here to watch on YouTube". Click that and the video can be viewed.

Way Back Wednesday

 Duplex for sale in apartment building where Marilyn Monroe once lived

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Well Folks, I Guess After After 10 Years and 5 Months I Might Have To Give It Up....


Unknown has determined this:


Unknown commented on "Getting the vaccine or not? A Poll...."

17 hours ago

Just as I have always said, this website is just a lame whining blog, and this article proves it, you are slowly but assuredly inching towards acceptance of this vaccine, and here is the kicker, the vaccine is not the worst part of what is going on! The worst part is the totalitarian manner that is being used to coerce people into getting the vaccine and what will happen to them if they do not! So either get a backbone and stand up for liberty or shut up!




"Just as I have always said"...  Ok Mr. Liberty, instead of posting as anonymous maybe sign your statement.


"this website is just a lame whining blog"... but you choose to come here, obviously more that once due to your preface of "always saying" the blog is lame and whining.


"you are slowly but assuredly inching towards acceptance of this vaccine".. if that is what you infer from the vaccine post then you are mistaken. Since you stop by to my "lame whining blog" you should actually read the posts before shitting on someone's work. The first sentence is

"I have not yet decided on getting the vaccine." <<  I ain't inching towards anything. I was researching what the readers have read and seen regarding the vaccine.


 "The worst part is the totalitarian manner that is being used to coerce people into getting the vaccine and what will happen to them if they do not!"  ... No shit?? Really?? I guess none of us here on this lame whining blog has ever discussed our thoughts about what is going on. Just to discuss them would probably just lead to a lame whining blog post.


 "So either get a backbone and stand up for liberty or shut up! "...  I will offer you this dear friend,

you can comment on this post for your plan to "stand up for liberty" and add your name so we know who to follow into battle. Better yet if you want to make a long post send it to my email on the sidebar.

I will gladly post your roadmap of squashing the totalitarian state we are headed to. The best option is to start your own blog.  You could name it "Liberty or Shut Up!" or "No Lame Whining Here" I will gladly add it to the sidebar for you. Maybe you do have something that will spark a fire. You can be the Braveheart of 2021!!






Monday, April 12, 2021

Happy Monday...


 Thanks for all the comments and links to review in the vaccine poll. I do hope this helps others

to make a decision based on personal research rather than a rush to do something TPTB tell you

to do.  

 One thing, I forgot to mention earlier is the fact that now I am seeing people out on motorcycles 

wearing masks and in the state of NH there is no helmet law. 

Think about that chain of thought for a minute.

  Coming home on Saturday we passed a gentleman on a big Harley. Flowing long gray hair and

 long grey beard, no helmet, beautiful 75 degree day with no clouds, and with a mask on. 

Moving on, the sky has been a dark shade of orange due to the sunrise that greeted me.

As always, the pictures don't do it justice......

Enjoy the day!!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Back in the day....







Getting the vaccine or not? A Poll....

  I have not yet decided on getting the vaccine. My personal take is it's too soon and there is not

enough data on the virus itself let a lone the vaccine. Something that is being pushed so hard

on the public doesn't smell well.  There are a bunch of coworkers and friends that have gotten or 

are scheduled to get it so I will be able to observe how it goes for them. First responders and 

medical workers we know have all gotten the shots. There are no issues that I am aware of.


 As part of my research I happened upon this page that gives the ingredients of the vaccines.

 Hackensack Meridian Health <<  LINK

A Simple Breakdown of the Ingredients in the COVID Vaccines


There have been many rumors flying around on the internet about what’s in the vaccine. Some rumors even suggested that the vaccines contain gluten, wheat, eggs and even bee venom! All of that is simply, untrue.

If you’re among the many wondering “what’s actually in it?” and, “is it safe to receive the injection?”, keep reading. (link above)


 Where do you stand on the vaccine?

If you choose to explain please leave a comment if you have read anything or saw information

 that helped make your decision.



Are You Getting The Vaccine?
Waiting for more empirical evidence

Some things just don't make sense to me lately.....


 Yesterday was spent helping out some friends up in Laconia NH near Lake Winnipesaukee.

The Lake is in central NH and was formed by the glaciers back when they retreated from New England.

It's a huge tourist area surrounded by camp sites to multi-million dollar homes. Boating ranges from

paddle boards to cigarette boats. One of the guys that was helping out works for a boat dealer

that sells ski boat and cruisers. I inquired as to how busy they were. His response:

"I've sold 43 boats already, all over $100,000 and all cash sales" " we can't keep up"

Me: "Holy shit"

Him "Ya, I don't get it and I have no idea where all this money is coming from"

 I am surprised when I here this type of comment regarding boats, and also RV's. I have read that

the RV's are a hot commodity and sales are crazy.  Now add in the real estate boom where houses are

selling for more than asking and there are bidding wars. A couple weeks ago there was an open house

for a home that is down the street. It sits on 4 acres , is rather dated and the yard is filled with old junk

 all around the garage.

There must have been 20 cars lining the side of the road at 4:30pm on a Wednesday when I drove by.

Going back to the boat sales this year. The local news had this story that I read this morning. It confirms

the boat craze which will be even more expensive a hobby with gas prices going up.


New Hampshire marinas are reaping the benefits from a nationwide boom in boat sales.

Boat interest and purchases have increased since the beginning of the pandemic when vacation destinations changed for the summer.

Sales at Winni Marine in Laconia reflect the national phenomenon.

Executive Director Julie Marsh said these sales remained steady through last summer, the winter and this spring.

"Typically this time of year, we should have a stock of about 150. Currently, we have 2," Marsh said. "We do have a lot more scheduled for the summer."

Marsh said people want to enjoy the Lakes Region.

"They're not traveling, and boating is a great social-distanced activity," Marsh said.

The same pattern is occurring at Meredith Marina, with orders coming in "non-stop."

Sales Manager Travis Williams said the marina has just four boats left for 2021 and is switching to focus on next year's inventory.

"I mean if supply could meet demand, I would break all records in terms of sales for the marina," Williams said.

Supply meeting demand has proved difficult for both marinas, partly due to a February ice storm in Texas.

"Manufacturers had a hardtime manufacturing in COVID. Then in Texax, there's a foam shortage and resin shortage a little bit," said.

Winni Marine and Meredith Marina said they have more boats coming. They still have boat rentals available for those wanting to stay on the lakes as temperatures climb.


As I noted earlier, Things just don't make sense. Even the reason they throw out there for the boat sales.

"people aren't going away on vaction and a boat is great for social distancing"?? So your gonna spend

30-40-50-100 thousand dollars on a boat ? How much do people spend on vacations? I also have a 

feeling that once the real nice New England weather gets here, the lake will be a clusterfuck of

humanity. So much for social distancing.

 I think the orgy is ramping up, the balloon is showing stretch marks and Nero is tuning his fiddle.

Maybe I'm wrong.