Saturday, December 12, 2020

"The Chair Is Against The Wall."

This video is a couple of days old, but nonetheless, Matt Bracken had the SCOTUS "pegged" regarding them not hearing the Texas voter fraud brief. The left will only stop when they meet with resistance that is greater than their elation of power, greed, tyrannical aspirations, and their desire to des troy the Republic. I hope all patriots are planning accordingly.

Most of us know the new normal is rampant sensorship for anything that is even slightly contrary to the regime's propaganda/misinformation program. In an attempt to wire around the switch, try this link to see the above referenced video. If it doesn't appear "blue", simply copy and paste.

I was searching YouTube for "the chair is against the wall clip" from the 1962 film The Longest Day and came across this (NOT THE BRACKEN VIDEO).

Let This Sink In...




  A "virtual" party for thousands in campaign cash and how many idiots will pay for to "be" there?


Also take note of the "special" guests.  These people are fucking insane.













It Looks Like The Guidelines Are Working....


Maintain 3 feet distance...

from the inbox.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Finally, Friday Femme Fatale....


  It's been a loooong week.. I ran out of pavement... you get the cliff note version..


Come on, let's have a quickie...




Dimokratik Rep. Cynthia Johnson's Mouth Is Writing "Checks" Her Ass Can't "Cash" (i.e. threatening Trump supporters and the like)

 I was going to post this yesterday, but time wasn't on my side. This morning, most of the "American" sources have been pulled or have been grossly edited. Nonetheless, here is one of the videos showing the idiot Johnson running her pie hole threatening Trump supporters. Johnson reported multiple threats against her in light of her remarks. Feel free to link any other sources in the comments.  The "Spicy Time" approaches.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Covid and My Friday Goes To Shit...


 I'm with ya Pooh.



 I was supposed to have the day off tomorrow. Someone at work tested positive for the wuhan clap so now I'm required to go to work.  

Fuck the people that are using this crisis to undermine this country.

Hmmmm.. Kinda Like The Mask Slipping Off The Democrat Party...



    What you finally get to see is, well, fucked up.



You've been warned,



Proceed at your own peril.



Are you asking yourself " How bad can it be?"



You do realize I mentioned Democrats in the title *evil grin*


It's also my friday, so I have time to make up tomorrow night.
















Today is my friday...  more later.




 So many things going on and shit is happening fast out there.  It's gonna get interesting.

Stay safe.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020



"I Thought AOC Had Darker Hair"...*





*comment on that thread by Piperod

Rest In Peace General Yeager

 Today, our nation has lost a fine man and a "real American". Besides being the first man to break the sound barrier, Chuck Yeager was a WW2 Ace plus (he made ace in one day), saw combat in Korea, and even flew as a crewman in some missions over Vietnam. He came from humble beginnings and rose to greatness. One of my favorite Yeager quotes was from a History Channel documentary where the person conducting the interview was asking Gen. Yeager about going up against the Me 262 German jet fighter. Yeager explained the speed and agility of his P-51 he was flying at the time. He went on to say the Messerschmitt 262 was most vulnerable during take offs and landings. Yeager became one of the first pilots to score a jet "kill" while flying near a German air base. When the interviewer asked him about his combat air time in Europe, Yeager replied, "I was a 21 year old kid flying a  1500 h.p. plane that would fly at 500 m.p.h. It had six Browning .50 caliber machineguns. I was on top of the world". I'm sure this photo (I saw it earlier this week over at The View From Lady Lake ) was his "crowning glory". LOL  I will not cite any sources as there are literally thousands out there that are very credible.

1965 ... Jeannie and Chuck! | Dream of jeannie, I dream of jeannie, Barbara  eden

Yeager on breaking the sound barrier

Monday, December 7, 2020

Car Bomb Disguised As An Accident??? Where in the hell is this in the MSM? As usual with these pukes, nothing but crickets can be heard.

 Harrison Deal was a staffer for Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler. Diller was also dating Georgia Governor Kemp's daughter. He was killed in what was first billed as an automobile accident. Now, details are coming to light that indicate this may very well have been a car bomb. Why is the MSM mum on this story? I think all of here know the reasons for the lack of reporting. 


  To see more, click HERE.

December 7th 1941..



  I wanted so see if there were any images on line from 12/6/41. I found this one.

 They had no idea what was coming. 



From 'Worthpoint', this was part of the description of the image. "This extremely rare Photograph is from Pearl Harbor Hawaii Dec 6 1941 where the crew of The Battleship The USS. Arizona are taking their Saturday Night Shore Leave Drinking Pabst Blue Ribbons.  Little did many of these young Heros know this would be many of their last nights on this earth and tomorrow will be one of the largest events in our countries history."


 I have to wonder if they even discuss December 7th in the schools nowadays. I'll have to ask.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

There was a request for the tool humor memes that were in the FFF post...


 Here are a bunch without the "filler".

There are a lot of duplicates as they seem to be shared across various forums.

The first place I found them was here<<< 

more here<<<  

and here<<<   



Irish Survives The Great Blizzard 12-5-2020 A.D


 Three days lead up of "omg !!!leventy storm"  to this:

"Back in my day" voice....