Saturday, December 12, 2020

It Looks Like The Guidelines Are Working....


Maintain 3 feet distance...

from the inbox.


  1. I read today that Maxine Waters’ daughter received $250,000 from her mother’s campaign. Waters and her family have improved their standard of living considerably while the district that she claims to represent seems to have gone downhill. Then again, as her opponent in the recent election pointed out, Waters doesn’t live in that district. She is comfortably ensconced in a mansion in a far more upscale neighborhood.

  2. Waters is only following the cultural norms of her people. The People Of The Gibsmedat, once they get the Gibs, move away from the other People Of The Gibsmedat.

  3. I wonder if my governor would go along with that. That asshole, Newsom, shut down the whole state yesterday via a sigalert over all state cell phones. We are officially close for three weeks. We pretty much ignore him ... all of our trips are essential.

    1. The only non-essential peepul in Kommiefornia are the State and local Gubmint critters. SOME of the police departments are okay, though. Matter of fact, quite a few are!


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