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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

"I Thought AOC Had Darker Hair"...*





*comment on that thread by Piperod


  1. The stupidity is extremely strong in this one.
    However, her inane babbling explains a lot.
    Remember: she will vote and she will procreate.
    Another success of our education system.

  2. Ah! I remember when I found out about fiat currency too!

    I wonder if she'd have an aneurysm from finding you that any currency can be inflated or deflated.

    Remember when Spain was a global super-power? That huge influx of gold from The Americas didn't make them rich, it caused runaway inflation as the supply of gold was suddenly much larger. It was very much akin to printing more bills.

    Both golden ages of piracy saw the same sort of thing in the pirate havens. Relatively vast wealth was easy to come by, and huge amounts of precious metals were exchanged for trivial things.

    Never mind the prices in mining camps...

  3. To quote Clapton in "I shot the sheriff" "kill it before it grows"

  4. I’ll bet she has at least 6 credits in gender studies. A weekend 1 credit cram course in economics would have been a better use of her time. Actually an old photo of the grocery stores in the USSR. would show her what happens when the government dictates wage/prices/values.

  5. Someone needs to explain to her That one bill represents a bushel of wheat. If you print 10 more bills they all still only represent that same bushel. So now you only get a tenth of what you could afford with one piece of paper.

  6. The first time we didn't buy a house we were quoted a mortgage rate of 11.5%.

  7. The first thing out of her filthy mouth is correct: She doesn't understand.

    1. This is funny, because that's what I was thinking too...

      Heard something the other day, if the numbers on the bills mattered Zimbabwe would be the richest country on the planet by a long shot.

    2. You beat me to it GJ. Explain/tell her about the Zimbabwe course of action and the Weimar Republic and watch her head explode. Nothing backing that piece of paper except "I'm from the Gubment and I'm here to help" and say what it says on the bill.

    3. OMFG, the breadth of her ignorance is appalling. How much tuition (if any was actually paid) was wasted on this Millennial?

      And her vote counts.

  8. Meanwhile on the other end of the IQ spectrum, A friend of mine developed a crypto currency brokerage app and just took his company public. He is under 40 and is about to retire and "sail off into the sunset" in his words. If I read the stock market report right he is doing very very well. One wonders if the Fed or the Government is going to allow it for very long.

  9. One day she will chosen by Soros' son to run for the Senate. Thousands of dead people will vote her in.


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