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An Alternative Energy I Can Believe In: Tina Turner & Ann Margret


What we need are lunatic asylums and this deranged-woke-triggered-maniac needs to be housed in one of them!- stat.

 I have to scratch my head and wonder who elects people like this? I would not have believed there were that many uninformed voters in Nebraska. Then, I think of Pennsylvania. It is the same uninformed voters that elect people like Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Warren, Uncle Fester, etc. I am not going to list "Bribe-em" because I do not believe he was duly elected. Show this short video to your young'uns and then explain to them that this is a what a typical liberal communist looks like. Inform them that these folks walk among us and should be avoided like a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party in Watts.

Mt St Helens Erupted In 1980, 43 Years Ago.. This Documentary Captures Some Amazing Footage..








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But, but, but, he was a Mexican White Supremacist!


I know that most who visit here are sharp enough to have recently noticed the selector switch for buzz phrases has been turned to "white supremacy" by the Ministry of Propaganda (aka MSM), the President, senators, congress critters, and various other talking heads.  Most lately we have repeatedly heard this label used over and over to describe Mauricio Garcia the man who wounded seven people and killed eight others at a shopping mall in Allen, TX. 

Not long after this tragic event took place I Googled "Texas mall shooting", etc. to try and find out more about what had happened. I began to notice I couldn't find out the perps name, but I did hear on television that he had "white supremacist" leanings, tattoos, postings, etc. Still, there were not any pictures. Eventually, I found this one (probably bleached white to some degree like Trayvon was). There were all sorts of conflicting reports but now the dust has settled and it is quiet.  Is it me, or does Mauricio have the features of a native Mexican from south of the border? That does not mean that he cannot be a citizen of the US or simply has immigrant parents, but is he a citizen? There is a very good chance that he and his family may not even be American. I believe this is the reason we are not hearing much about this actual event lately.

This is not a post about Mauricio or even about the shooting. It is about the fact that there is a reason that the current regime and the MSM are pushing this lie about "white supremacy being the greatest threat we have today threatening the American people and our way of life". I know I am preaching to the choir, but that simply is not true. America has plenty of threats at home, abroad, and the most dangerous are within our very own government. We have black folks killing other black folks in record numbers (and a lot of white people too). We have drug cartels operating our southern borders smuggling illegal drugs across our southern border with illegal invaders entering our country without any skills, education, etc. to offer. Most of these will be wards of the state whether (i.e. welfare programs of every type, food stamps, public housing, etc.) they are employed or not. These are only a few of our nations woes and now TPTB are transforming law-abiding taxpayers into criminals because of their skin color. Could this term "white supremacist" be the round up and incarcerate all those who have not broken any laws, but to alienate those oppose the regime? We know what has and is happening with the J6 protestors (aka "white supremacist") vs. the fate of those that lit American cities afire and looted on a scale never seen before in this country during the BLM/ANITFA BS. Make no mistake there is a two-tier justice system in this country and the balance of justice is not in favor of normal- law minding- white people.

Below is a link I saw over at WRSA which sheds a little light on possibilities as to why this false claim is being hammered into the minds of the sheeple. Read more HERE.

PS: Personally, I think Maurio is a Hispanic who happens to hate Asians.

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So Long Maine, We Hardly Knew Ya....


  Via Paul,




I am SO glad to be out of (SSR of) Portland.


Federal asylum rule change could affect flow of new immigrants into Maine


Through out the article, the assumption is that the only problem is how to increase the flow (and get them on benefits).

My understanding is that international law only allows immigration if the person stays in the 1st country to which they move.

This would preclude those whose journeys over several countries (and oceans) - as many described in the article.


Remember a few years ago when the damage being done to France, Sweden & others first surfaced, and many were horrified?

Well, tighten your seat belt, Sparky, it is about to happen here.

Be careful what you wish for.... 

 Irish adds... Go read the comments at the link... there are so many useful idiots that will welcome the trojan horse and help wheel it right into the downtown square... smh

Cargolux "Heavy" Is A Now A Tad Lighter...








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Possible Eco-terrorism and Reward- Damaged Equipment In Salisbury NH..



Chuck Rose Inc, out of Webster NH, was a victim of what appears to be Eco-terrorism.
Several pieces of his equipment were destroyed by arson the night of May 5th, in Salisbury, NH.
Currently, there is a reward of $64,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.

While I don't know these folks, this does hit close to home.
My nephew is a logger.
I don't want this to happen to him, nor any other operation.
Any attention that can be raised about this situation would be greatly appreciated.


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Happy Mother's Day


  Although it is only celebrated one day a year. Every day should be Mother's Day, even

if it's only for a moment that you reflect on your Mom, the women, who gave you life and 

birthed you into this world. 

She may not have been perfect or done all the right things but she carried almost all the 

responsibility to allow you to be here. 

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and the other Mom's who always tried to do their best.