Thursday, October 15, 2015


Chickenshit Governor of Virginia Signs Executive Order to "Prevent Gun Violence"

Does anyone in the state of Virginia, including the coward who just trampled the rights of this states law-abiding citizens, really believe this Hitleresque action will prevent ANY gun violence? I hope the law abiding gun owners call for a recall and oust this Quisling! When will the propaganda end? This is the ninth time this week I have seen an article with this statement. "40% of all gun sales are sold by private unlicensed sellers either online or at gun shows". I even heard Hildebeast chanting this mantra last week. I simply do not believe it and the numbers of NEW firearms sales refute this lie. The only guns that can be bought "online" are from federally controlled curio and relics license holders or regular FFL holders. If you don't believe me call up AIM Surplus or any online vendor of firearms and attempt to order one. It will not happen. Go to a gun show and try to buy a new pistol or long gun. An individual can purchase one, but they must go through the same procedure as at any retail outlet (an NCIC background check will be performed). I cannot say for Virginia, but here in Alabama I can sell a pistol or long gun to anyone who is 21 years of age or older, a resident of my state, and whom I know not to be a habitual drunkard or user of narcotics. Believe you me that there have been some sting operations in recent years carried out by various alphabet .gov agencies and I have witnessed individuals selling guns (and though not required) asking to see the prospective buyers drivers license to insure they are of age and a resident. If I were selling one, I would do the same. Very few guns are sold in this manner. I am fifty-one years old and have been going to gun shows all of my life and I may have traded two guns for a gun and bought two pistols. One of those was five years ago and the seller (an individual asked to see my drives license, asked if I was a habitual drunkard or drug user). I believe this drastic action by the govenor of VA is another feelgood measure that will not prevent anything. If he really wanted to get serious, he should provide the statistics committed by perpetrators using "stolen" guns. Then maybe he and the rest of the libtard-gun-hating community might see that criminals did not obey burglary/theft/breaking and entering (and many others laws) statues and know that the term criminal describes one who disobeys or ignores laws. If these criminals are not going to respect these types laws and other peoples property, then why would one believe criminals are going to be deterred by another GUN LAW?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Democratic Presidential Debate

My head spins. My wife and I decided to watch some of the democratic presidential debate tonight. After a few minutes I began to wonder why anyone was in the audience and even more why they applauded. Then again, the clapping could have been sound bytes that were dubbed in by CNN. Of course, CNN would never attempt to deceive anyone using smoke and mirrors. The mindset of these "do-goobers" is mind boggling. Almost all of the panel concured that illegal invaders should get free health care and a free college education. Almost all feel more should be spent on impoverished people and single mothers (women in general). They all agree that taxes need to be raised on the wealthiest Americans (I bet Hillary was seething behind her smile during those comments). ALL agree that Republicans are the spawn of Satan. Almost all admitted they voted for some program that turned out to be a flop. Hillary said it was just part of the learning process and most of us (the panel) have been in Washington for a LONG time and we are going to make mistakes. I took it that she was saying they are all PIGS and have fed at the .gov trough far too long. All agreed that the NRA is to blame for every crime that has ever been committed using a gun. From what I saw and heard this panel was full of  buzz phrases, empty promises, etc., but did not offer any detailed plans to solve any of the country's problems.  The world is going to hell in a hand basket and these bozos are worried about the make believe specter of "global warming". I had enough and had to turn it off as I could not connect to these people who live in a fantasy world of unicorns and rainbow farts.


Dallas police say a former Texas A&M  football player hacked a jogger to death with a machete. I wonder if he asked the victim if he was a Christian first.