Thursday, May 5, 2022

Brilliant Idea But Guilt, and Not Losing, Will Win Out....


I like anonymous's idea.... Brilliant!!

But, B is right and it's not a chance worth taking

A few years back, I bought one of these bore scopes. We had mice chew through some wires and short

out a light and outlet. Before tearing everything apart I used this to get a look behind the wall.

Link it to the Ipad and it works good enough, not great, to see in areas through a 3/8 hole.

I'll see if I can get it to look in the area between the bottom of the tank and the skid plate.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

This Will Only Take 5 Minu..... 2 Hours plus and The Fucker Beat Me....

 For now...

Wanted to add a new license plate mount to the bosses Jeep. 2 bolts for the plate

4 for the mount. Easy- Peasy- Lemon Sqweezie~~!! 

Take plate off  (🗸)

Take mount off   (🗸)

Clean surface  (🗸)

Attach new mount  (🗸)

Attach plate one bolt to hold in place  (🗸)  Around the 4 minute or so mark.

Start other bolt by hand to align, grab screw driver and *tink* the sound of a bolt bouncing

off metal... 


  Look on floor, NOPE. 

Run fingers along grooves and any accessible area, NOPE.

Lay on floor reach up and around bumper, NOPE. WTF??

Check floor and under around each tire, nuts and bolts can gain energy from the cosmos

somehow and end up across the floor. Thought about calling Phil to have him check his floor.

They can go that far on a rare occasion.


Grab moar toolz...

Undo the bumper end...


Check inside bumper better... NOPE

Fish around and.... nothing.... then I notice the space between the gas tank and skid plate.

Nooooooo...  Reach fingers up and it's wide enough.. FUCK.. no way.

Get off garage floor.. go get Home Depot lighted mirror. 

Return with cardboard and lay back on floor... May just sleep here at this point.

Turn on light, extend mirror.... and...

Between the tank ( right arrow) and skid plate ( left arrow)  down at the bottom



Get out cutting torch to see if I can make a small hole....




  just kidding.....




I tried a magnet on the end of a wire tie. With the mirror I could see it touch the screw

but not enough to lift it.  I then got the little flexible finger extender do-hickey but 

the area was too narrow.  Finally I tried a piece of welding wire bent to fit with a little 

U shape on the end. I was able to start to drag it up the wall when... the wire sprung and 

flicked the bolt down the wall. It must have rolled under the tank because I can't find it.

There are stiffening ribs stamped in the tank so I hope it makes it's way into one of those.

My only concern may be when the tank is totally full and the bolt is possibly wedged

between the tank and skid plate it will cause a very small stress area and with vibration

may wear through the tank. 

I hope I'm dead and buried before there is the smell of gas dripping in the garage....


Morning Prayer.....









Tuesday, May 3, 2022





 Well now, that didn't take long from this meme to reality:




  and... right on cue:

Pelosi and Schumer Attack “Trump Justices”

They also want to keep the war going with Russia......

Monday, May 2, 2022

Remember The Rabbit Hole I Mentioned This Morning? IT's YUGE.....

  First off, thanks for the lunch , pub, beer , dinner ideas near Sunapee and Claremont. The meeting went good but it went later than we expected. I just headed back to the East Coast. ( No I wasn't walking STxAR :) )

Most likely I will be out that way again so I'll make better arrangements now that I have a list.

Again , Thank for the suggestions.

Now onto the rabbit hole.  When I was researching Sullivan Machine and Claremont NH there

was a link to this page that someone had posted in a comment thread.


I haven't explored any more than a few pages on a few of those links and only on

this one page shown below.

"Making of America."  There are tons of links under each of those headings seen here as

a snip:



The one I was led to was Manufacturing and Builder ( 1969-1894 )

Click on that leads to this snip image:


Now click on any of those "Item Links" and it will take you to a copy of the digitized book.

The first one I followed "Vol. 1 1869 leads to a 386 page book.... 


 and there are 26 Volumes.


So, from the first image snapshot above there are 23 Categories in "Making of America."

Under each of those there are god knows how many links to the various publications.

This is a rabbit hole of unimaginable depth and intricacy.   I haven't even gone to the Cornell

Home or Search fuction at the tippy top of their page and checked to see it it goes to an 

upper level.....

Here is the link again.....


Leave a comment if you find anything really interesting for the rest of us.

Have fun, 


Business Travels Today.... Brunch / Lunch Suggestions Western New Hampshire... and The Sullivan Machine Company....



  My travels will take me out to the Western side of New Hampshire. If opportunity or time is 

available I may try out brunch in that area.  Any suggestions in the Sunapee, Newport, Claremont 

route / area?

If I get the chance to stop I will report back my findings.

This looks good, but I'd have to sleep for a day or two after that.

Checking out the history of Claremont, I found out that there was a large, turn of the century

manufacturer there. The Sullivan Machine Co. They built drilling and mining equipment.

Here's some interesting images from the Library of Congress. <<<<<<<

Huge facility on the river.......

I found a rabbit hole, while searching info,  that I have to explore later........