Saturday, December 11, 2021

UPDATED! Cold Case Solved: Missing Sparta, Tennessee Teens Found By Diver 20 Years After They Disappeared


An Interesting Story....


Yesterday I stopped by one of the local establishments I visit every so often. As usual the 

conversation will be small talk and pleasantries and skirt around politics and current events.

As I was talking with the proprietor one other customer was discussing the Rittenhouse shootings

and trial. All agreed he acted in self defense. At that point, the politics got a little more in the 

forefront of the conversation as everyone knew from that exchange we were all on the same page.

The owner then mentioned to me about the effbeeeye calling his establishment.

From there it was holy shit, no way, shocked face as the story was told.


It was some months back, the story started, the same customer was there and the same type of small 

talk was going on. As usual it turns to light politics, blah blah blah......

There were some other customers present and one of

them spoke out and very specifically stated a serious threat to leader of the free world. He repeated it

and was getting to the point that the others were trying to diffuse the situation without causing 


Finally, the party left and things returned to normal.

The next day they received a call from the local effbeeeye inquiring about the situation. 

A few days after that, the customer previously mentioned, not the threat maker, got a visit ,

 at his home, by the SS. They had an image still from the security camera inside the business.

 It was a picture of the guy that made the specific threats.

The SS asked if (customer) knew the person in the picture. Which he did not.

After this, (customer) inquires with owner to see if the owner gave out (customers) home address

 and a copy of the picture from the camera. Owner stated that he didn't give out any info.


Now they start analyzing what must have happened to get them into this type of situation.


There were other customers present at the time. One of them, most likely, called in to report

 the threat and passed on license plate info of cars present.  Effbeeeye calls to interview, 

meanwhile someone hacks into the security camera and gets a still image.

 The owner doesn't even have a printer on site. He also noticed

that the *record sound* was turned on. From day one he had that off and had to toggle it off again.


It just goes to show that there are always *ears* and if they want to get into your system, they will.












Wednesday, December 8, 2021

He Has The Patience Of A Saint..... Turn IT Up To Hear...... LOL








Beat The Fuckers At Their Own Game....








Meanwhile At A Hampstead NH Gas Station....

 Gotta love my fellow "Live Free or Die" State comrades.




For those stuck behind enemy lines in the peoples republik of ASSachusetts. They have this:




A Let's Go Brandon store has opened in North Attleborough.

The North Washington Street store sells "Let's Go Brandon" merchandise like hats, shirts, and signs.

Borrowed The Quote From Phil's Place...



Way Back Wednesday

 Ok guys and gals, as I told you earlier the competition only gets harder. Here are the the three winners from late September and early October. Remember, it is one vote only.

 Barbi Benton

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Raquel Welch

Monday, December 6, 2021

Hitler's Red Generals by Mark Felton


Fredo... I Think Toobin Has Already Got His Hands On That...







A Comment Sends Irish On An Crash Investigation.....

Regarding the car crash,

Anonymous commented:

Where are the skid marks in the second picture. Yes the pov is further right but they should still be visible on the far left of the pic.... 

Here are the pics. My guess is telephoto lens and a slightly different angle.


    I decided to hit up google street view to find the distance from the poles and street sign and bill board

in the left hand image. As you can see below that is a looooong way to the building.

He must have been fucking flying. The skid marks start before this sign.

I have circled the sign. The billboard and pole and the other two poles that mark the entrance to

the building.

Alternate view.  You can see the bilboard and poles better here:

Looking at the skidmarks again, they start before the sign and go in between the two poles. In the far lane they appear to straddle the white dotted line directly in front of the second pole near billboard.

Now lt's put it in context from overhead:

Holy shit, that's a loooong way to go and still get air and smash through the building....

250 feet from the pole to the building.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

*mouse click* *scroll* *mouse click* *scroll* *mouse.... wait! What? That's the most fucked up thing I've seen since Goatse.....


  What The ACTUAL Fuck?????



 Time to log off.........................



Fly Your Porche Into The Second Floor.....

 TOMS RIVER, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The driver of a speeding convertible that went airborne and crashed into the second floor of a commercial building last year, killing both of the car's occupants, was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, prosecutors announced Friday.

Braden DeMartin, 22, of Toms River, had blood-alcohol and marijuana contents of more than twice the legal limit when the crash occurred Nov. 10, according to the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office. 

 Authorities have said the red Porsche Boxster that DeMartin was driving went out of control and hit the center median before striking an embankment and going airborne into the building, which was unoccupied at the time. The building houses a real estate agency and offices for three other companies.

DeMartin and his longtime friend, Daniel Foley, 23, of Toms River, were both pronounced dead at the scene.

County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer said he was making the findings public to educate drivers, especially younger motorists, about the dangers of impaired driving.





The natives are restless

 This is becoming the new norm in some of Alabama's larger cities (as well as across the country). Guess what they all have in common. If you guessed they currently have or, as in the case of Mobile, have recently had a Demonkrat-Commie mayors, you guessed right. 

4 killed in separate Birmingham shootings Saturday; police chief offers prayers, condolences

These were separate shootings that left four dead in thirteen hours.

Second separate Sunday shooting leaves another dead in Montgomery.

Sunday afternoon gunfire leaves on dead in parking lot of Birmingham apartment complex

Jefferson County (metro Birmingham) church shooting: Teen shot multiple times on indoor basketball court. Suspect at large

Deadly car to car shooting leaves two dead in Mobile

Follow Irish Down A Rabbit Hole....


Some shit just interests me. As I'm surfing the webz tonight, I decided to hit on my twittter.

About 3-4 tweets down was this gem:


 Oh boy, someone stepped in a pile of deep dog shit for sure. As I read that I take note. 

San Francisco *check*. Asked cops to leave #scary.  So then I search twitter for 


First up:

Opening that particular post up to read, I get this:

Boy, that place must look like the cantina from Star Wars. Moving on I get to the bottom

Rachel Sillcocks  ( SHE/HER).  Oh that's beautiful.. sill- cocks.   My god you can't make this shit up.

At this point, It's like a car crash..... segue for a minute.


Speaking of car crash come back later for the next post...


Moving on:


 I gotta go see if my spidey senses, LBGTWTFBBQ radar is correct and voila:

...............................Sill-cock ↑

Can you imagine having a cock in your last name?

They are getting pounded on Yelp