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One MG 42 Gunner may be responsible for over 2,000 Casualties at Omaha Beach June 6th, 1944


Would you believe that the over 2,000 casualties of Omaha beach during the Normandy invasion were inflicted by ONE MAN? That’s right. Heinrich Severloh was manning the MG42 that decimated the American beach landings. Some estimates say he inflicted as many as 2,000 casualties by himself with a single MG42 and taking potshots with his Kar98 while it was being reloaded or awaiting more ammo. What was the rest of his unit doing? Running him ammunition. Upwards of 60 men were running boxes of ammunition all the way up to his position through the trench line.

As others have pointed out, German doctrine was all about supporting the MG. Marching in a column formation, the MG was up front on point. At the first sign of contact, he was to deploy and fire on the spot, while the rear sections of infantry advanced to support both of the gunner’s flanks. It is estimated that the volume of fire that the MG42 could produce was the equivalent of 9 squads of riflemen.

Here is Heinrich Severloh and his MG42, a name that should be synonymous with Omaha beach.

Of course most will recognize this from the movie Saving Private Ryan. I cannot imagine being on the "receiving end" of such hellish fire. My granddaddy was there and he said he'd never forget the sound of "Hitler's buzz saw".

                                                           By the way, what would a Feral Irishman post be without a little "eye candy"?

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I Would Buy This Guy A Beer.... He's Running For State Assembly In North Carolina...






"The Conservatives Are Not Your Friends"....











I Wonder How Low The Bail Will Be and Who Will Post It?



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Friday Femme Fatale Farrago.....




 Mrs. "44F" pays us another visit... she's in the mix.

This was the first submission from a few weeks ago


Protecting The Protestors From Covid I See.....









A Pedophile? Caught In A Sting? Manager Of Facebook's Metaverse? Say it isn't so.....




A high-level Facebook staffer and LGBT activist has been caught in an alleged child sex sting operation during which he admits on video he shared explicit text messages with someone he thought was a 13-year-old boy.

Journalist Andy Ngo highlighted the clip, during which Facebook/Meta’s Manager of Community Development, Jeren A. Miles, is grilled on a live stream by a group called Predator Catchers Indianapolis.

Miles also serves on the board of directors for LGBTQ+ group, Equality California.

Miles allegedly told the underage boy in text messages, “I won’t have any restraint around you if I’m horny.”




No Shit....






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"How Are We Gonnaa....??." "Hold On, I Got An Idea"





When You're Trying To Get Shit Done and They Hire You One Of Today's Apprentices...



  ..that are tooo busy making tik-tok videos of themselves......








It's A Mad World....



In Canada, Peaceful Protests by the Truckers leads to bank accounts being frozen and 

people being doxxed..



Meanwhile you can be black, attempt to murder a political candidate, get cheap bail, and get released when said bail gets posted.  Can you imagine if a white guy tried to murder a black candidate?

( Don't bother answering that)

A local chapter of Black Lives Matter posted bail Wednesday for a left-wing activist accused of attempting to shoot a mayoral candidate, according to multiple local reports.

Quintez Brown faces multiple charges, including the alleged attempted murder of Craig Greenberg, a Democratic candidate for mayor, but the Louisville Community Bail Fund raised the funds to post his $100,000 bail, reported.




Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Alabama House committee approves permitless pistol carry bill

 An Alabama House committee Wednesday approved a bill that would allow the permitless carry of pistols in the state, sending an Alabama House GOP priority bill to that chamber. Read the rest of the story here  Alabama Constitutional Pistol Carry

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Compare And Contrast....


  Canadian "Trucker"( I would guess)   Interview:




vs.  USA College Students....

Students at the University of Nevada, Reno protest over the mask mandate being lifted.

They chant “reinstate the mask mandate” like zombies.  <<  WHAT??

My gawd, we are so fooked if this is the next generation.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

January 6th.. Who Unlocked The Doors???

  Interesting video of the protest sent by a few readers. I found it on yootuub to share.


A little research on duck duck go yeilded some info on Mr. Teney.

A South Carolina man accused of pushing police officers and a House Sergeant at Arms staffer on Jan. 6 pleaded not guilty in federal court on Monday.

According to a criminal complaint, George Tenney is seen on video having physical altercations with at least three people inside the Capitol. In one instance, he pushed aside a Capitol police officer who was trying to stem the tide of rioters entering the building.





Tenney is an administrator of a Facebook page called “The PowerHouse Patriot,” according to the complaint, and had talked about his plans for Jan. 6 in the weeks leading up to the siege.

“Where and how do I get involved or a part of one of these patriot revolution groups?” Tenney wrote to another administrator of the page on Dec. 12, according to the complaint. “Like proud boys, or any of the other American Patriot militias??”

On Dec. 27, Tenney wrote: “I heard over 500k armed militia patriots will be in DC by the 4th. And will start early waiting for the rest of us on the 6th. They already predict over [a] million people will be in DC the 6th.”

The next day, Tenney escalated the rhetoric and appeared to be preparing to overtake the Capitol building.



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Update On Brock "Free North Carolina"....


 According to NCRenegade  <<


Brock is awake, but dealing with an infection in his lungs.





Frozen Lawn Hydrant Issue ¹... and My Remedy That Actually Worked


¹  Note, some don't like reading about lawn hydrants and associated issues. Please read no further.



It's winter in New England and cold as usual.  This year we left a hose on one of the hydrants

and that mistake caused a frost proof hydrant to not be frost proof.  I figured I would wait for 

some warm up and hopefully the situation would remedy itself. In the meantime, I would fill 

a couple large plastic trash cans with water, cart them out to the water trough and pump them

out with a sump pump. It worked, but it was a pinta.  

Searching youtube, there were a few videos by farmers that were heating the riser with torches. 

My only concern, as others noted as well, is the chance of building up steam pressure with the 

ice block still in place.  We all know what steam can do....



   First go at it was with my Red Dragon weed torch.  I heated the base at ground level and kept

my hand on the valve head to make sure I was adding heat but not too hot.  Being a little gun

shy and safety cautious my mind was thinking about alternatives that were less dangerous,

shall we say.  Suddenly:



 I put the torch away and headed back to the shed.  There I mixed up a strong solution of 

calcium chloride and water.  Grabbing a short length of hose I headed back to the spigot.

Attach the hose, hold it as high above the head as possible and slowly add the solution.

It will fill to the the end of the hose and slowly go down.

I filled the hose twice then on the third time it gurgled and went right down.

"No, way"  I said out loud to the horse watching me.

I pulled the handle and voila



I let it run a for awhile to purge the line of the calcium chloride mix and then

removed the hose. Not gonna make that mistake twice.

DAMN....... New Zealand, natives Maori perform the sacred Haka dance.... UPDATED With Link


Sent in by Bunk Strutts

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How would you like to be the security and have to hold this back if it went hot??