Saturday, March 9, 2024

It's not like the guy will miss the money and they looked like they needed some more 'shrooms

Two Ohio women have been charged with "gross abuse of corpse and theft from a person of a protected class" . The two women came home to find the 80 year old  man they lived with and from what I gather, "looked after", dead. Knowing the old man had some money, they called "a friend" who helps them load the man in the car. They drive him to through the bank drive-thru and withdraw $900 or so. The two women end up dropping the body off at a nearby hospital. Read more HERE.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

My first thought upon reading the headline was "what have those Amish boys been up too now?"

 Mahogany Jackson was stripped naked, held against her will, physically tortured, spat on, beaten, and forced to perform sexual acts in the hours before she was shot in the back of the head. The trial has been going on this week in Jefferson County/Birmingham. There is a lot of brutal "stuff" that goes in the once Pittsburgh of the South. I suppose what makes this crime unique is that eight savages participated in the heinous act involving Ms. Jackson.

Read more HERE.

World War Three is being fought in your mind....



Phil sent me this link yesterday evening with the caveat:

'It's a fairly long read but I highly recommend it.

Interesting perspective.'


 I concur with that statement. It's well worth reading even if it takes a few different sittings. 

Bookmark it and go back to it. I had to do that three times last night and finally finished

it this morning. 

 I will be reading it again for sure. I still have to go through the comment section

  As always YMMV but this is worth the read in our humble opinion.




First Generation Warfare, abbreviated 1GW, was war as it was waged from the dawn of civilization up through roughly the Civil War. This style of conflict involved massed line infantry, equipped with spears, pikes, swords, or line-of-sight ranged weapons such as longbows, crossbows, or muskets. The basic tactic was to draw up two large groups of armed men, bring them into close contact, and have them hack at one another until one side grew demoralized by the slaughter, at which point their line would break and the real slaughter could begin.

Industrial or Second Generation Warfare (2GW) brought rifled firearms, machine-guns, and indirect artillery. Men could now be killed at a great distance, without ever seeing the enemy. Camouflage, concealment, and cover became the keys to victory. Its heyday was roughly from the Civil War to the Great War.

Mechanized warfare or 3GW arrived with the internal combustion engine and powered flight. Tactics now depended on speed and manoeuvrability. It dawned with the Second World War and reached its apogee with the invasion of Iraq.



Mechanized warfare created an overwhelming advantage for large industrial states. Small states and non-state actors responded with 4GW, which can be thought of as televisual warfare – combat via propaganda. This is war as fought with cameras and media distribution networks. It is guerrilla warfare via weaponized morality: using the enemy’s own military actions against it by showing the consequences of war for one’s civilian population to the enemy civilian population. Bait the enemy into killing babies, then ask them how many more babies they’re willing to murder. Think Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq.

The response to 4GW is 5GW – warfare by psyop, utilizing misinformation and sentiment engineering. Its characteristic weapons platform is the social network. Where 4GW seeks to use the enemy’s own morality against it, 5GW seeks to change that morality, to transform the enemy’s inner nature, getting the enemy to attack themselves for you, to surrender with open arms and smiles on their faces ... ideally, without the enemy even realizing that they’re under attack.



Monday, March 4, 2024

Ex-KGB agent/defector makes dire predictions for the U.S. of A. way back in 1984. These are interesting times.


                                                             I Think We Have Arrived    

This has been around for a while, but I do not recall seeing it myself. The guy being interviewed was a KGB agent who defected. He was  a real "mastermind in the ways of espionage". I believe this interview is from 1984. The same guy would probably have a heartastroke if he could see where we are today (Beyond Communism???) I first saw a clip of this guy over at 90 Miles From Tyranny . There are several out there.


Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sendimentary Rock Layering Exposed...


 I was returning from a job site last week in Western NH and my route took me through 

Milford on my way to Nashua to another site.  Route 101 bypasses the downtown area

and you re-merge onto 101A. Here is where these shots were taken from street view.

They carved the exit ramp through a huge rock outcropping and the layering is nice exposed.


When I went through there it was sunny in the afternoon and the lighting really showed the 

varying layers in all their glory.


Here is the street view link for those that want to search <<<





The Last Known Clip Of Little Umutesi...









Powerful forces are at play. This is a multiplayer game.









Easy Like Sunday Morning, Not Much Going On.. You Go In For A Love Bite... and....