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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Gunman Kills 11 in a "GUN FREE ZONE" and one outside

I understand the stories of the survivors hiding and barricading doors to separate themselves from the shooter and I would have done what I thought prudent at that time to help insure my safety and that of others. Instead of run, hide, and fight why don't politicos who pass these silly feel-good laws and ordinances wake up and smell the roses? Had workers in the building had the option to carry firearms, this tragedy probably would have turned out very differently. It might not have even happened. Knowing that potentially everyone in a building might be packing heat would be a deterrent as opposed to knowing that most folks are going to obey the signage on the door and leave their guns in their cars. As always the signs had zero effect on the gunman. All Virginia Beach municipal buildings are "GUN FREE ZONES". 

Virginia Beach Municipal Center shooting
Virginia Beach Municipal Center shootingVirginia Beach Municipal Center shootingVirginia Beach Municipal Center shootingVirginia Beach Municipal Center shooting

I think of the old meme that states something like "when you need a gun and don't have one, remember the police are minutes away".

More HERE.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

President Trump and the Deep State Cover Up of "Hammer"

                                  This is a little long, but worth watching. I listened to it driving to work.


 H/T to Scott at Lakeshore                                                    

Either Way, Dad Is In A Bad Situation.....

If he cold cocks that little fuck HE goes to jail. If he doesn't, it continues....

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Not for the faint of heart



The Owen Gun: Australian Homespun WW2 Submachinegun

This was news to me. I had never even heard of such a gun. Anyhow, it is pretty interesting and a very unique design.

Read more HERE.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

I'm triggered. When can we start tearing down MLK monuments, start re-naming streets, and high schools?

FBI recordings indicate Martin Luther King, Jr. had over FORTY affairs and accuse MLK of watching and laughing as a fellow "pastor" raped a woman. The tapes further reveal that the paid communist agitator engaged in orgies and normal and abnormal sexual activities (whatever the hell that is supposed to be). It has been known since the huge marches and rallies of the 1960's that night time brought marathon sexual parties complete with "gangbangs" and other deviant sexual practices by the "marchers and supporters". The MSM rarely ever talks about these happenings. MLK was a regular participant. In his 1989 book And The Walls Came Tumbling Down long time friend and confidant of MLK, Ralph Abernathy exposed King as a man who suffered from temptation. He outlined how King had a severe "weakness" with women. Abernathy also stated in his book that King was with not one, but six different women the night before he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. Below is a photo and a caption caught on one of the many FBI tapes in Washington, D.C. in 1968. The FBI even sent King an anonymous copy of this particular statement telling King "you are finished" and "you should go ahead and kill yourself". 

Unexpected: Seen as an inspiration and saviour by many, it is hard to believe that King was recorded saying: 'I'm f*****g for God! I'm not a negro tonight!'
Unexpected: Seen as an inspiration and saviour by many, it is hard to believe that King was recorded saying: 'I'm f*****g for God! I'm not a negro tonight!'

Read more HERE and from another dated Newsweek piece  Here.

Texas vs. Alabama Girls Softball: Picher Hit In Face By Catcher's Throw


When You're Old, Grumpy and Rich....


Would Anyone Take Al Sharpton Seriously If Not For The Race Baiting Commie MSM Beating The Drums Of Divisiveness?

                                                                                    Hooray For The Confederate Flags!

                                                                         Image result for image of confederate battle flags 1863

I saw this piece over at Free North Carolina and thought it very interesting. Even if someone could care less about Confederate flags or "real" American history this story serves as another example of how liberals are so used to getting their way by whining and playing the "race card". I thought the writer over at the Abbeville Institute did a fine job of making a case that clearly illustrates the media's complicity in providing idiots like Al Sharpton a launching pad from which to catapult their revisionist history, divide the races, and ultimately work to erase the history and traditions of these United States. Read the story HERE.

While searching I came across this Waylon Jennings edition of Rebel Soldier and couldn't resist putting it up too.