Friday, March 8, 2019

Ever Wonder Why These Two Western Libtard States Don't Break Away and Form Their Own Leftist Paradise And Call It Hawaiifornia?

In short, it is because a parasite requires a host. Think about for moment how much of our tax dollars go to these two (and plenty of others) states to support programs that are devised primarily to "buy" more liberal votes. These states despise us (the clingers to Bibles and guns, the deploreables, the dirt people, etc.). They oppose everything we believe and yet each April we write a check to the the infernal revenoo service so our tax dollars can be distributed by idiots like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, etc. I'll not go own as I feel I am preaching to the choir. Now, we have a handful of Hawaii politicians attempting to subvert the Second Amendment and tell the rest us from 4000 plus miles away how to live our lives. In recent years the divide between conservatives and liberals has grown wider as anyone with an IQ above cave temperature knows. From my point of view, liberals, socialist, communist, social demokratz, or whatever they choose to call themselves have become more rabid than ever in opposing anything that doesn't fit their agenda. These "demokommies" despise God, family. financial success, independence, free thinking, ownership of private property, private ownership of firearms, etc. It is not an accident that these things are the same items that Communist first attempt to destroy whenever they commit to take over a new country prior to or just after an invasion. These enemies of liberty know that before a takeover can occur, guns must first be confiscated. That is not to say that an overwhelming invading force could not stamp out any resistance, but by abolishing the private ownership of firearms it makes the task of domination much easier. The new demokratik controlled congress has only been in power a few weeks and they have already passed "gun control measures". This probably will not come to much, but one can see the direction the left is trying to steer the country. Members of the both houses have warned of declaring "gun violence" a national emergency so they could possibly ban firearms at a future time in light of President Trumps emergency declaration to build the border wall. I am veering from the post a little, but I thought it worth mentioning that the uber liberal mayor of Birmingham, Alabama has just declared gun violence in the city to be a "health crisis". This took place this week.  I predict that within a year the radical regime that controls the city government will attempt to make Birmingham a "gun free zone" 'ala "smoke free city", sanctuary city, etc. Do not for an instant believe this decades old gun control movement is not part of a concerted effort to disarm Americans. Unarmed people are much easier lined up at the edge of a ditch or herded onto cattle cars. This week in Hawaii five state senators introduced a resolution in the U.S. Congress asking for the SCOUTUS to "consider and discuss whether The Second Amendment of The U.S. Constitution should be repealed or amended to clarify that the right to keep and bear arms is a collective, rather than and individual, constitutional right." Read the entire story HERE. 

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                                                               Prepare accordingly. There will be an exam.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

DemoKommies: Traitors to America

I don't think there is enough room to include all the RHINOS that are traitors in this image the way it is drawn. Mitt Romney should be right out front holding the UN and Mexican flags.


H/T to James in Albany, GA



"Borrowed" from 90 Miles From Tyranny. If this site isn't on your blog list, it should be. 

Spot the Ash-holes....

Oh, That's Cute. The New Hampshire State Motto Will Sloooowly Transform To ...

"Welcome to New Hampshire, Massachusetts Lite welcomes you"*

It seems the New Hampshire tourism board has dropped the "or die" from the State Motto


Earlier this morning, tucked into an update on a separate issue, we reported something that I thought needed a bit more personal attention. Somewhere along the line, the New Hampshire Department of Tourism decided the State’s Motto, Live Free or Die, needed some editing.

MORE HERE <<<   (and be sure to follow some of the links) 

* Mass Lite borrowed from a comment in this post <<<<

I was in my early teens and life was good when this song was new. Cheers to simpler times.


Kids, Be Joe...

As Do A Lot Of Us Dorothy,

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

This Is An Interesting Thread On Twitter.....

 Check out the address.... and follow the money!!

I wonder if the main stream media would like to dig into this?? Hmmm??

Here are a few links to the twitter thread in regard to that address...




Sunday, March 3, 2019

Well Worth An Hour Of Your Time... Tommy Robinson's Documentary.

Dugout Canoe Found Under Bluff Shelter In North Alabama

A friend of mine, who is an auctioneer, told me recently about a canoe he was contracted to auction. All I know is what he told me. The canoe was found under a bluff shelter on private land inside the bounds of the Bankhead National Forest. When it was excavated, there was an human skeleton underneath with "a lot" of native artifacts. This was in the late 60's or early 70's. The skeleton was re-reburied. I am not sure what happened to the artifacts, but the canoe belongs to this man now. 



The Kind of Men Who Carry a Pocketknife/Updated Photo Below

"Less than forty years have passed and I am astonished to see how times have changed since my father bought this knife for me as just a small boy. I do still have it, which by today's standards is an anomaly. I'll leave the discussion of our "throw away culture" for another time". Continue reading.

I stumbled across this short piece the other day and really enjoyed it. I think most here will too. The author makes some very good observations and recollections about men who carry a pocketknife. This piece received 371 comments. Many of those are interesting too. I carry at least on knife everyday (a Case two blade trapper and either a Kershaw or Swiss Army Tinker). Do you carry every day and if so, what kind?

Though the author is a fellow Alabamian and not too far from me, I do not know him, but do stop by his blog every now and again. Here is the link to his homepage The Natural South

                                     This is my four year old grandson's pocket knife (made safe of course).


ISIS Hunting Tip Of The Day