Friday, March 31, 2017

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** Just rememberA Muslim can look you straight in the eye, lie through their teeth, and have it be
perfectly fine if they believe in their heart that it serves the advancement of Islam.  And since they
believe that conquering the whole world for Allah is the ultimate aim of jihad, you can't EVER trust
them.  I wish it were otherwise...

** Let's be fair; Tim Allen's example was over the top.  But what this really boils down to is another
liberal organization attempting to silence someone pointing out how biased their industry is.  Because
just consider how often Leftists use the "Trump is Hitler" trope... and no outrage whatsoever.

** We could have Obama's signature and fingerprints on a notarized written order, and the Left wouldn't
believe it, and the enemedia wouldn't publicize it.

** Quote: "We'll wait with baited breath to see if any apologies are forthcoming."
>> None will be.  There is a narrative to be maintained: "The Right is evil".  Truth is irrelevant.

** Quote: "The Democrat Party of Nebraska prepared welcome baskets for newly arrived 'refugees' that included Voter Registration forms."

** Quote: "According to Cosmopolitan, it's wrong for women to achieve orgasm with men because it makes men feel good for having satisfied their women."
>> Every time I think the Left cannot POSSIBLY get lower in their hole, they haul out the diamond-tipped drills.

** A former Muslim, who grew up in a Muslim country, speaks plainly.


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"Dumb Phones Make You Smarter"

I was visiting some of my favorite blogsposts earlier this morning and came across this piece from ZEROGOV via Western Rifle Shooter's Association and it only re-affirmed my belief that we as a society are losing valuable life experiences as result of technology, particularly with the seemingly addiction of "Smart Phones". Recently, my wife and I were in the waiting area of an Italian restaurant with ten or so other souls. As we sat there waiting to be seated I pointed out to my wife that none of these folks were talking with each other. Their faces were "glued" to the screens of their phones. The ages of these folks waiting ranged from people in their sixties to teenagers. Even the young boys and girls probably out on "dates" were more interested in what was on the screens of thier phones than with who they were with. We were finally seated at a table and again, it was the same thing with patrons only briefly looking up from their phones to glance at a menus and tell the server what they wanted to eat. Then, it was back to the "smart phone". Think about how many times you have sat in the waiting room of doctors or dentists office and witnessed the same thing. This is a good article and worth the read. It even had me wanting to dig out my old Nokia or re-connect my land-line service. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy. More later, Jeffery

Click HERE for the story. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How About Humpday No Tats?

Score One For The "Good Guys"

A 79 year old Jefferson County man shot and killed one of three robbers who entered his home through a basement window. The suspects were armed and wearing masks. The homeowner suffered a non-life threatening injury after being shot in the foot by one of the fleeing perpetrators. The suspects fled and are being sought by authorities. I'd take a bullet in the ankle over one behind the ear any day of the week. The "old pistol on the nightstand" is handy thing to have.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WOW..... Just Wow... Check Out This ASSachusetts State Rep....

She is the State Representative for the 10th Plymouth District, which represents much of eastern Brockton, as well as much of East and West Bridgewater. She was first elected in 2014, and ran unopposed in 2016. And today she thought it would be wise to give drug dealers and criminals a heads up about how not to get caught by law enforcement officials.

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