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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WOW..... Just Wow... Check Out This ASSachusetts State Rep....

She is the State Representative for the 10th Plymouth District, which represents much of eastern Brockton, as well as much of East and West Bridgewater. She was first elected in 2014, and ran unopposed in 2016. And today she thought it would be wise to give drug dealers and criminals a heads up about how not to get caught by law enforcement officials.

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sent in by thefuriousfrenchman


  1. Aiding & abetting criminal behavior.

  2. Or -- Giving aid and comfort to a foreign enemy, AKA Treason.

  3. Or,insuring that she gets elected next time by her illegal immigrant voter base. I hate using language like this towards women, but there is only one word for her- Bitch.

  4. And the funny thing is, when it all falls apart, they'll blame Bush...

  5. The police who are too gutless to arrest her must take their fair share of the blame.

  6. It would be a slice of poetic justice if an illegal immigrant she has unlawfully shielded paid her a little visit...

    She is guilty of obstruction of justice and violating our immigration laws at a minimum. I want to see some justice. She violated her oath of office and she is unfit to remain in her position. The criminal charges are needed also to send the signal that law and order have returned to America.

  7. They are called "Massholes" for a reason.


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