Tuesday, August 13, 2013

INTERESTING! Check this out.. do I need tin foil for a hat.... or someone is a Brilliant Viral Marketer.....

So, I stopped over at It Ain't Holy Water and saw this video that Chief Nose Wetter Posted.

Now my first thought is no fucking way is that real so I did some sleuthing and ran across a couple other sites that have listed it and I read through the comments to see if anyone else had a yes or no say as to the veracity of the subliminal messages in the video.

NOW .. before you say I need a tin-foil hat, hear me out.
First ,I'm sober..
Second.. after you watch the video check out the next videos below

Pretty creepy conspiracy theory type stuff right??

I decided to do my own test. So I searched for other "Sign off" videos.
    I found this next video below.
The first thing I noticed is that the youtube user only posted this one video'
so that kinda makes me sceptical.
Now What you need to do is the following:

Start the video then hit the pause and play button until you get to the lyrics
When you get to some of the lyrics you hit PAUSE.. then use the right and 
left arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll through frame by frame.
 When I got to the second set of lyrics I saw the subliminal message.

I'm sure any of this could be explained as a fake or as one commenter posted
It might be VIRAL MARKETING for the new movie THEY LIVE >LINK<
or it might be real.

Do you think the government would do this back in the 60's?

 Here is the one video that has the subliminal messages:

and this video has the sign off at the 3:50 mark and  there are no subliminal messages
I guess you can decide for yourself....

This would be fun to take out for a spin.....

One Level Beyond Motorboating....


Everytime I turn around...

Bills for software updates and maintenace.
Bills for insurance.
Bills for workman's comp.
Bills for machine repair.
Bills for taxes. Estimated, Withholding State and Federal, Quarterlies. Excise, Sales,
Bills for using the banks that have my money.
Bills for this .. Bills for that.....

STUNNING...Apollo 11 Saturn Lauch - F1 Engines Documented on 16MM Film... 7.5 Million Pounds of Thrust

Apollo 11 Saturn V Launch (HD) Camera E-8 from Spacecraft Films on Vimeo.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Trunk Monkey Compilation.... Suburban Auto Group Did A Great Job With These...

Puppy + Stairs.....

After The Horror Of Seeing A Rodeo Clown With An Obama Mask, Perry Beam Needs a Nappy Poo......

I'm sure Mr Beam needed some rest after all the horrible evil bad images and comments made about President Bush .

Boilerdoc Owes Me a Monitor and Keyboard.....

THIS POST made me LMAO!!

Monday... MILFY Monday That is......


Uncle Jay Hits It Out Of The Park....

If you haven't seen or heard about this picture:

Click on it for the link:

The Amazing Brain...

Simulating 1 second of real brain activity takes 40 minutes and 83K processors


A team of Japanese and German researchers have carried out the largest-ever simulation of neural activity in the human brain, and the numbers are both amazing and humbling.
The hardware necessary to simulate the activity of 1.73 billion nerve cells connected by 10.4 trillion synapses (just 1 percent of a brain’s total neural network) for 1 biological second: 82,944 processors on the K supercomputer and 1 petabyte of memory (24  bytes per synapse). That 1 second of biological time took 40 minutes, on one of the world’s most-powerful systems, to compute.
If computing time scales linearly with the size of the network (a big if; I have no idea if this would be the case), it would take nearly two and half days to simulate 1 second of activity for an entire brain.


Word on the street is the study also found that brain activity for liberals only took
about 25% of the time and the system had to be rebooted twice.

Artist's Rendition of a Liberal: