Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Now, That Is a Jack....


Interesting Concept. It would be nice to have all that equipment at your disposal.

Just to tinker.....

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Regarding The Semi In Pieces In Yesterday's Post....


 As always, when I happen up something like that, I try and do a little googl-fu to find 

more information.   Igor even commented about it being a teaser.

What I did find, after spending time searching was another video from a tic-toc account

that the clean up company must have shot.




theservicesgroup is based out of Toronto.  The clip above is on their tic-toc page.

You have to log in or create an account to see comments, which might have more 

information regarding this dismantling of a semi cab. 

Tic-toc asked if you would like to join using any of your social media or google accounts.

I chose my twitter to see what was involved to log it.


  Here is the disclaimer for signing in.

Go ahead and read what "this application will be able to do"

You can do some reading about who owns tic-toc HERE<<

Ya, no thanks.  I know this about the ownership and never signed up.

So, they can basically control your account. 

Tic-Toc is one of the top social media accounts with close to a billion users.

If those users allow access via other social media and the authorization to control

the above list, then you can sure as hell know who can control the narrative as 

they see fit.  Now with AI making leaps and bounds in technological advances

we will never know the truth about anything. Most of us already know that as well.

 Now back to the engine in the breakdown lane.  Nothing more than the above.

It was a crash somewhere in the Toronto area. ( My assumption based on the company).

 It was quite eye opening as to the volume of crashes involving semi rigs.

Googl-fu  searches like:

  Semi truck crash.  

Diesel crash destroyed

Truck crash destroyed

Semi cab wrecked.

toronto truck crash.

They all lead to hundreds of hits and lots of devastation from semi truck crashes.

One off topic link was this one. 3000HP diesel blows up on the dyno.

Skip to the 3:30 mark if this embed starts at the beginning to miss the narration......


PSA from Uncle Irish... 

Keep clear of Semi Trucks on the highways.....and dyno tests.