Thursday, August 13, 2015

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Huge China Explosion in Pictures.. as well as links to the Halifax and Pepcon Disasters...

 Reader and Blog buddy Monty sent along the following

email about the huge explosion in China....

Hey John,

Here is an excellent  photo expose' in The Atlantic:

Here is an older incident that is an excellent read from Damn Interesting....

...and this one you may remember when it happened:


♫♫ Afternoon Interlude..... La Villa Strangiato live 1978 ♫♫

There's a Storm Coming....

Is Donald Trump That "Skillful and Genius"?

 I found a link to this blog post referenced in a comment by JB at Taxicab Depressions


Donald Trump’s Latest Amygdala Hijack



First, his statement
“She gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions,” Trump said in a CNN interview. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. In my opinion, she was off base.”
On Saturday morning, Trump’s campaign released a statement claiming he said “whatever,” as opposed to “wherever,” and was referring to Kelly’s nose.
I have to think this was planned, and if so, it was brilliant. He released a deniable dogwhistle, triggered the SJW’s, and then when they rose to take the bait, he labeled them “deviant,” thereby out-grouping them as socially inferior – for getting triggered over nothing.
Trump’s campaign is almost like a giant cognitive training session trying to fix the nation’s SJWs. Trump triggers them, makes them feel inferior for getting triggered so they will experience aversive stimulus, then he repeats it. 

Eventually, if repeated often enough, this would train the triggerable – that getting triggered, and letting it be known they were triggered, will only elicit aversive stimulus and humiliation, and thus the path of least aversive stimulus is to keep their mouths shut. Over time they would actually build amygdala suppression pathways designed to suppress the urge to get triggered.



Hillary Puts Her Foot Down On The Whole Email Scandal....

Monday, August 10, 2015

♫♫ Reflection by Tool.... Great Song For The Evening Commute...♫♫

I have come curiously close to the end, down
Beneath my self-indulgent pitiful hole,
Defeated, I concede and
Move closer
I may find comfort here
I may find peace within the emptiness
How pitiful

It's calling me...

And in my darkest moment, fetal and weeping
The moon tells me a secret - my confidant
As full and bright as I am
This light is not my own and
A million light reflections pass over me

Its source is bright and endless
She resuscitates the hopeless
Without her, we are lifeless satellites drifting

And as I pull my head out I am without one doubt
Don't wanna be down here soothing my narcissism.
I must crucify the ego before it's far too late
I pray the light lifts me out
Before I pine away.
So crucify the ego, before it's far too late
To leave behind this place so negative and blind and cynical,
And you will come to find that we are all one mind
Capable of all that's imagined and all conceivable.
Just let the light touch you
And let the words spill through
And let them pass right through
Bringing out our hope and reason ...
before we pine away.


Yup... It's Monday....

Sunday, August 9, 2015

"If I hadn't of kicked him twice in the balls, I'd be dead", says Talladega Mayor Larry Barton

71 Year Old Talladega, Alabama Mayor/Barber Beaten By 74 Year Old Man Wielding a Baseball Bat Outside of Barber Shop. Divorce Attorney Cites Reason: Hidden Sex Tape Recording of Mayor Having Sex With Man's Wife!

Where else could a man be arrested for de-frauding the city of Talledega, money laudering, tried, convicted, serve time in prison and then be re-elected as mayor and now this?

Jeffery in Alabama