Saturday, October 5, 2019

Crazed Liberal Melts Down At AOC Town Hall Meeting: "We've got to start eating babies"

This is meltdown is par for the course with these environmental "wack jobs" and "climtards". Naturally, after the backlash the AOC camp starts crying foul, claiming the rant was a  hoax by some Trump affiliated group, a conspiracy, etc. The one question I'd like to ask AOC, as Tucker Carlson stated, was "whether it was a plant or not, why wouldn't AOC's first response to the eat the babies remarks be to reply that no one eats babies". Instead she said nothing and tried to call the woman by saying we had a little more time than a few months to save the planet. 


  1. But come to find out, this was someone who wanted to show just how absurd the Climate Change Scam Artists were being. The problem is that this person simply did not get absurd enough...Yes that is right, the Climate Change Scam Artists are already claiming the cannibalism high ground in order to stop the Climate Doom...

    Which is probably why AOC didn't have any problem with the idea of "eating babies", but only the time line that she suggested.

    MSG Grumpy

  2. the crazed liberal was a cunning conservative. a member of The LaRouche group

    this was a satire on climate change and abortion

  3. Can't we barbeque leftists instead? Instead of Mongolian Beef, serve up a platter of Marxist Chow? They should willingly volunteer for this idea since it solves so much of what they claim is wrong. Heck, the US could feed Africa with the commies from UCLA alone.

  4. Normally, no sane individual could make up this kind of crap, but the response by Alexandria Empty Cortex
    was ambiguous at best. As Anon pointed out, it was a setup. A few years ago, some parody site ran a
    story about "free bleeding." Within weeks Feminists took it up and we got to see images like a woman
    in a 10k race in white shorts with a big red stain at her crotch. Never underestimate the gulibility
    of the new-new left!

  5. I'd hardly say a LaRouchie is a "conservative." Every one of those morons I've met over 40 years was as loony as Daffy Duck on crack. From the Rationalwiki, "LaRouche's wild theories seem especially strange to the Great Unwashed because they don't realize his thinking and his sympathies are stuck in the past − way, way in the past. LaRouche wanted to use 17th and 18th century political ideas to solve 21st century problems, and he was likely to use a peace agreement between England and Vietnam from the year 1643 as an example of what needs to be done to solve a current political crisis (even one that exists only in his own mind) today.[10]

    Though LaRouche traditionally ran as a Democrat since 1980, whether he is right or left is kind of hard to prove. The best that can be said is his beliefs were a unique amalgamation of wingnuttery and moonbattery, where far-left and far-right meet on the far side of the moon. His earliest political background was decidedly on the hard-left, where he was a Trotskyist and an organizer for the Socialist Workers Party (kicked out when they noticed his messiah complex even then), and then led a Marxist study group of New Left students during the late 1960s, from whence he assembled most of his early following."

    Nutty as a fruitcake, the whole lot of them. But they seem to have struck a chord with the Barkeep.

  6. KOO KOO for Coco Puffs!!

  7. The chinese are literally eating their own babies. Disgusting...
    Source : South Korea news.
    Google it you can handle it.


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