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Thursday, October 3, 2019

"Climtard Control Protesters" prove they know nearly as much about high pressure hoses as they know about factual climate change and the environment.



  1. Brilliant! I like the crying females at the end. What losers.

  2. The end was great, the soot kicked out by the diesel motor when they cut the rpm's back to shut the pump down.

  3. Steve in GreensboroOctober 3, 2019 at 8:27 PM

    What do we call these people now? Climatards?

    1. That is a great name for these deranged maniacs. I will start using it as well. Climate Change/Global Warming is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetuated on mankind. Think about it. The globalist left wants to use it to tax and over regulate normal hardworking business people and "end users". All of the money in the world would have almost zero measurable impact on the climate. This lie is about control and manipulation (i.e. "green energy", mandating the populace to buy special lightbulbs, special windows, etc that some senators brother-in-law manufactures). Resist whatever you do.

    2. I call them "sub-human Bolshevik filth"... YMMV.

  4. It's incredible how many totally ignorant (of REAL science,facts,history,natural cycles,political greed/corruption/lies) there are. Vacuous virtue signalling by lemmings about to face the real climate change called global cooling as part of a natural cycle throughout all recorded history. The blood will be theirs if they don't wake up and live in the real world asap.

  5. How did they steal a fire truck to do all this?
    Where did they get the fake blood from and none violent?
    That was pretty violent what they were going to do to that building and sidewalk.
    Where is the police to arrest them for stealing a fire truck?

  6. Why are they using a fossil fuel-driven engine? Shouldn't they use an old-fashioned hand pump since that's what their policies would drive us back to using?



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