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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Go Grab Your Coffee and Enjoy This Story From Across The Pond...

This story is going viral because someone finally decided to stand up to these animals....

'No one had a baton - so we headbutted him': Passenger reveals how a fellow commuter bravely stepped into stop a man 'threatening to stab people' on a packed train

  • Suited man struck bearded man on c2c service between West Ham and Barking 
  • Commuters cheered and praised him for protecting passengers in East London
  • Bearded man was allegedly harassing others and was restrained until Upminster
  • Police then arrested him on suspicion of carrying a knife and a theft offence 

"When a bloke of about 60 asked him to stop he attacked him. The big bloke and some others pulled him off. The big guy restrained him for about five or six minutes while being permanently shouted at and abused. Finally he had enough."


 What's really sad is the government over there will probably hand that little fucker the keys to the city and issue a huge apology, meanwhile trying to find a way to ruin the big guys life.

Me?, I would buy the hero a few beers!!


  1. Another one of those asian youths causing trouble.

  2. It seems the guy who delivered the 'Glaswegian Kiss' was on off-duty policeman.

  3. Excellent maneuver, sire!
    Kin yer mother sew? Then get her to stitch this.

  4. Clear Case of Self Defense.


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