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Friday, December 30, 2022

TFIF!!! Year End Clean Up On Meme Aisle....








  1. The Big Ugly is coming and some motherfuckers are not going to like the unexpected change in the program that is going to be coming along with it.
    2023 is going to push a lot of people over the edge.

  2. No intelligent American Trusts this corrupt government or it's news media. Back to basics?

  3. Love your site and the circle of bloggers. View pretty much ever day. Looked for the FTX release. Found through Google. The copy on the internet has December, 19, 2022, not January. Still... agree with the sentiment.

    Humble Lurker.

    1. Thanks HL. I try and double check what I can before posting the memes or other info. Usually you can tell right away or , if I scroll the comments at other sites, I will see someone , like yourself, make note of the discrepancy.
      To your point, Agree with the sentiment. This was a huge money laundering operation.

  4. nice shack! works McMurdo off a dipole, you say?

  5. Number 2. I give him a 9.3. His form was off but he stuck the landing.

    Number 8. Not only were we going to have an Ice Age but we were going to lose to the Soviets. ( I know we lost to the Commies but they are American and Israeli Communists.)

  6. #44 Some dumbass probably paid $10.00 for that abortion. ...and NO, it's NOT coffee or covfefe.


  7. Happy and Scary New Year, TFI !!!



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