Friday, April 12, 2019

Meanwhile, The TDS is Strong In Epping NH.....

MacKenzie said she wore the shirt as part of the school’s "America Day," when students are encouraged to wear patriotic clothing.

Which didn't sit well with this guy...

Ooops, I mean this guy....

A high school principal in Epping, New Hampshire has flagrantly violated the First Amendment rights of a student. Principal Brian Ernest forced a student to remove a “Trump” T-shirt that she wore as part of an American pride celebration at the school.

Apparently, Brian Ernest hates President Trump, which is fine. That is his right. However, it is not his right to prohibit the speech of his students in order to push his own personal politics.

The Supreme Court has made clear that students in our public schools do not lose their First Amendment right to free speech when they walk through the schoolhouse door. Public schools are government entities. Therefore, the First Amendment prohibits them from banning speech on the basis of its content, especially its political content. In the field of First Amendment jurisprudence, political speech is the most protected. Furthermore, the Court has held that messages or writing on clothing is considered speech for purposes of the First Amendment.

By explaining his decision to prohibit the girl from wearing her Trump T-shirt, Principal Ernest made clear that his motive was overtly political. He apparently gave two explanations, both of which are patently ridiculous.


  1. Tucker Carlson: People are mad at Assange instead of Obama - Video

  2. I wish I had access to yearbooks from this school originating in the Obama years...wonder if any of the students were censored and censured for wearing any Obama regalia.

  3. Obviously the man's penis sits on his shoulders - wonder where his head is?

  4. Here's hoping the school district is taken for EVERYTHING it has, up to and including the pensions of the leftist vermin attempting to indoctrinate our youths... The alternative, although being far more effective, could be slightly messier.

  5. I smell a large law suit coming. Certainly more than enough to pay for this brave young ladies education and more.

  6. This will get no major press. Now if the girl had simply removed the shirt and walked around in a bra and recorded it a) the problem goes viral b) the principal probably gets fired and a huge black mark for making a girl strip. It's time to stop fighting fair, people (no point when we're the only ones that do).


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