Monday, February 18, 2019

Nancy Pelosi, in her rush to judgement in the Juicy Smollett fabricated attack, counted her chickens before the eggs hatched. Now she has deleted that Tweet. She probably still thinks it is Thanksgiving. Chuck Schumer wept.


  1. Did pelosi cash all the checks from the cartels for keeping the border open yet?.....she may have to give it back if the courts support thr President's right to do as he said....

  2. Guess we'll find out if Pelosi's "justice is served" by the person filing a fake police report.

    She deletes her tweet...not surprised. She deleted her brain long ago.

  3. It really hurts me to say this, because I am not usually a hurtful person. But Nancy Pelosi is a bitch. And the sad thing is, there are other women in the federal government who are worse than her. Sadly, women don't have to be like that to be effective leaders. It is almost like they choose to be that way, and the worse they are, the more that their idiots votes for them.

  4. "No one should be attacked for who or whom they love..."

    ...unless they're wearing a MAGA hat!


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