Monday, June 4, 2012

WTF? Good News and Bad News I Guess..

Bad news...

I feel like I live in the Pacific Northwest. It's been raining here for more than 2 days and it looks like it's gonna keep going for the rest of the week...sigh

Good News..

Since it feels like living in the northwest maybe I'll get to see a sasquatch?


  1. Believe me, you would know it if your living in the 'pathetic northwest.'! I am not sure which place is worse but POORegon is a wasteland, ruined by decades of liberal gov't and rule. Need funds? for to pay for the mostly spoiled public employees, pass a tax or disguise it as a 'fee'. This state has some really stupid, if not the dumbest voters and residents around.

  2. The new face (poster child) of Mad Cow disease.

    1. Remember the old "Mr. Yuk" stickers for putting on poison? I always thought this picture of moochelle would be a great replacement for them...

  3. We haven't had rain here for a few weeks. My yard already looks like it normally does in August. I would be glad to go 50/50 with you on the rain and dry. I'm watering the hell out of my fruit trees and berries.


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