Monday, June 4, 2012

I Just Love This Headline.."US Factory Orders Post Surprise Fall in April"

Surprise? There is surprise that orders have fallen?

Many of us in the industry have seen a slow down for the past few months.

This is bullshit.. we are definitely headed for some tough times and there is no way it's not gonna happen.

You can't keep adding debt to get yourself out of debt and printing money and giving away stimilus

dollars to "create jobs" is ridiculous. 

New orders for U.S. factory goods fell in April for the third time in four months as demand slipped for everything from cars and machinery to computers, the latest worrisome sign for the economic recovery. 

 The Commerce Department said on Monday orders for manufactured goods dropped 0.6 percent during the month. The government also revised its estimate for new orders in March to show a steeper decline.
Economists had forecast orders rising 0.2 percent in April.
The report showed broad weakness in a sector that has carried the economic recovery, adding to a growing body of soft economic data. 

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