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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Egyptians "Hillarious" Reaction to Pres. "Osama's" Speech Declaring Global Warming As The Greatest Threat To American Security

I can tell you for a fact that the Egyptians are not the only ones who view our current occupier of the White House as being weak and maybe even insane. It is truly a sad time for our nation. Less than twenty-four hours ago San Bernardino suffered a jihadist attack where fourteen innocent and unarmed Americans were slaughtered  with several more wounded. Now, all that is on this president's mind is finding a way to  address the nation without offending muslims or casting that cult in a negative light, "stricter gun control measures" and global warming. The media and the commie left did not have any qualms about labeling the planned parenthood shooter last week as a "fanatical Christian" (not that I agree with killers killing the killers, but just saying).  It is pitiful, just pitiful.

Hat-Tip to "Bob" in Cullman!


  1. The youtube author admits he spoofed the subtitles in the youtube comments. Funny though in an "onion" sort of way.

  2. Considering the planned parenthood shooting was a bank robbery gone wrong and the guy who did the shooting self identifies as a women... I'm pretty sure he's not a christiaj or right wing.



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