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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Watch it to the end.

                                                  Bill Whittle nails it. Watch it all and pass along to some friends.


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  1. I do my best to spread the word. I've been watching Bill's videos for more years than I can count now. Yes. He's spot on. And toward the end of the video you can feel his anger rising.

  2. I quit Bill after he carefully explained how we don't need bumpstocks. And because there was no need, it's just fine for them to be banned as they were.

    So if you want me to know what he said, you're going to have to transcribe it or at least give an abstract.

    1. If I knew about the bumpstock Bill episode, that would have go my nannygoat too. I thought the POTUS did the same thing. It was almost like he was throwing the anti-gunners a bone to stop their barking. We all know those people will not be pacified. I never owned a bumpstock, but I am all for people's right to own one. Though I strongly disagree with Bill and Donald on the bumpstock issue, I'm not going to quit them yet. If they persist, of course I will stop supporting them. I do understand and respect your point Angus. As far as the video, Bill is saying all wasn't lost lost with the the cathedral. Much survived and the French have been given a second chance. He steers that into there is still time to save France from the muzzies. He the goes on to say some people in France (and other Western countries) have brought "refugees" into their societies because they feel sorry for them, they are oppressed, etc. and the guests have behaved most ungratefully (of course I am paraphrasing). He further states that by now the French and the West should realize the goathumpers have zero interest in assimilating into any country, but want to destroy the host and claim the landa and resources for islam. Then Bill gets on the politicians who promote and and foster this forced invasion. It is nothing we don't already know. He just does a good job laying it out there. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Amen, and Amen!

    Bill always nails it, in spite of bumpstocks.


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