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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Poll Results For The Overall Death Rate... and .. Interview with a Viral Immunologist



 Good morning all, 

 I have noticed that some of the widgets at the bottom of each post stopped showing up after I 

posted the poll and post. The reaction buttons and labels tag will not show.

 I have tried toggling on and off and checked on line for how to resolve the issue, to no avail.

This morning I decided to remove the body of the original post

and just show the results.  There will be an update from W.H. when I get a chance

 with the part 2 follow up.

I have left the original comments below down to "Raven" so the comment section down to

there does not pertain to this updated post.


  New to this post is info "Raven" added in their comment. As I add this post I am listening 

to the interview linked just below here.

There will be another post later regarding this with links I have followed down those rabbit holes.

For those interested here is a quick link to watch this interesting interview regarding C19

and vaccines.







  1. So do you actually have the 2020 death rate? Because I followed all the link and did the stupid vote thing and got no answer.

    And why should I believe anything the government tells me at this point? They could say that the death rate is 1 per million, or 900 per 1000, or 7 per 100 and I couldn't prove it either way. I personally have only known 1 person who died in 2020, death by alcoholism and depression. Not Covid. My aunt died last month. She was 87, and had been a total veg in a nursing home for 3 years. She survived the Covid.

    1. Drew. The numbers aren’t out yet. WH had done some estimates waiting for the data. This is just preliminary.

  2. I'm sure the Seer His Wholly Rightness Aesop will be piping up soon to dispel your heretical theories Irish.
    I'm past thinking he works for the other side.

    1. Gasp! How DARE you!!!!

      I will have you know he is selflessly volunteering his services for the impending civil war, HAR HAR HAR!

      The chair is against the wall, dontchya know! :)

    2. Aesop banned me from his site because he doesn't like to be questioned. He's been wrong on everything for years.
      We need rational discourse to solve our problems, not ranting know-it-alls who are wannabe tyrants.
      Fuck him.

  3. We know that the deaths from the yearly flu went to zero. I went with less than usual. They are going to fudge the numbers all the way to the moon anyway.

  4. Isn't the auto accident rate like 50,000 a year normally? Alot less driving, so less accidents? Flu deaths are supposed to 25,000 to 50,000, seems like the flu disappeared. Bet less people died 2020 than 2019, even with corona. I am not doubting covid19 was real and serious. I personally knew lots of people who got really sick and lost sense of smell and of course tested positive. No one I know died. And who knows maybe the masks and lock downs kept the covid from being much worse. It went thru my church, doctors office, dentist office and my favorite restaurant. A lot of my neighbors got it. Family got it, I did not, so far. No vac for me even tho I am eligible. Just seems like a bad idea getting a shot in spring and summer. Prolly wait get vac in fall, maybe, prolly, for sure? I have crohns and not to keen on deliberately triggering my immune system when I may never get sick anyway. If I had to choose, I'd rather do covid instead of messing up my crohns with a relapse. Shit.

    1. I personally know 4 people who died because their cancer treatments were postponed due to covid, and my neighbour died of a heart attack after getting the covid shot but he was 72 and health issues.

      I don't know anyone who died of covid.


  5. I'm with Drew. I've been watching this spiral down since the sixties learned how to connect the dots well enough to have a clue about what tomorrow will probably look like, until recently. I've seen stories about things that had a reasonable back story, seemed legit and in two days another story, with believable legitimate seeming back story just backwards from the first report.. Can't trust information about shit anymore. With regards to CV19 ,after seeing people who died from a motorcycle wreck and gunshots counted as CV victims ,and some Always Knows More about Everything guy said that was just how data sets are put together. They KNOW they are Including garbage data, but they will toss that out later.

    Ohh, Fuuuk,,
    FWIW, I don't read newspapers or watch news on TV.

    1. The first sign of changing stories-missed by most-was the big lie about cholesterol in eggs. Bad for a decade or so, then back to good with moderation, now pretty much out of sight. I read a lot of pre-pub medical reports on various sites that a good search engine will direct you to-almost all the reports finish with some kind of uncertainty about the research and the statement that 'more work needs to be done'. Every fucking time. Even a good whore will come back for more if the money is right.

    2. Butter clogs arteries, eat margarine.

      Margarine is worse than petroleum when heated, oops.

      Experimental human coronavirus shot works.

      People that get it better hope it works better than the feline coronavirus vaccine experiments...


  6. Guest post and preliminary being the operative words to consider here. Divisive much? OG

    1. Guest post means what? Gee, I shouldn't respond honestly?
      Divisive, much? ANONYMOUS? Yeah, I'm SO Divisive, I said
      I'm with Drew..

      Troll much?

    2. Whoa now, my comment was not directed at you, at all. My comment was directed at Ned2. Sooo, Don't mind me, I've already left this post! Yer up Ned...

  7. 2020 numbers will be bad...of course! But hold your breath for the 2021 numbers. Those will be as rosy as President Kamala’s knees!

  8. Heh, the govt counts covid data about as well as they count election results.

  9. Wherever the chart comes from (in the poll results) makes it look like Florida is the epicenter of deaths until you start zooming in, and then it shows the northeast has more. This is the equivalent of editorial staging or sabotage.

  10. The death rate in 2020 will be the about same as the past..

  11. Keep in mind about half of the lying dogfaced pony soldier's new senoritas (and senores) are testing positive for the Whitmer Wheeze, so the Deep State Dwarf will be miking it (or trying to) for another year.

  12. 1. Not a given that the population is always "going up".
    2. Dad died. 86 yo, Never Positive. Pnuemonia, in and out of hospital & various Homes. Heart attack night of first shot, poor kidney function. Hospice. Shouldn't have gotten 2nd shot but did. Back to hospital (shouldn't, HOSPICE!) Poorer kidney function, dead in 75 hours after 2nd shot.
    3 FIL (83 yo) actually had covid same time as Dad dying. 5 days in hospital with blood clots in lungs. A week after getting out was feeling better day by day. Did not get vaccinated. Monday morning covid tested. Through 15:00 feeling fine, visiting with several people. 16:00 puking, turning cold & gray. EMT's were going to LEAVE HIM AT HOME because his vitals were "fine". He died on the way in about 17:00. Tuesday his test result came back negative. Death certificate lists 3 complications of covid as cause of death. I'm guessing a blood clot shifted.
    I do know there is one more shot available for somebody else. I'll take my chances.
    Yesterday talk shows they were talking about the shots still not working 100% because they are identifying so many different strains.
    Stay safe out there.

    1. Covid-19 kills by massive hypercoagulation of the micro-venous plumbing throughout our body-every single organ can succoumb if the patient hangs on long enough. Exactly the way the Chinese designed it.

  13. Not fully sold on the ranges listed. I'm going to guess above 8.68 (2019) but not more than 8.9.

  14. I think that once we (eventually) get the numbers, it'll be a bit over 8.7/K. As mentioned previously, the shutdown caused a lot of other significant health issues to go untreated; that alone will cause a rise in death rates. Sure would be nice if we could get some accountability on this.

  15. The WuFlu is a... FLU! It follows the pattern of other flu, the weak get hammered and die because of weak immune response. It, the virus, goes through masks like a mosquito through a chain-link fence. If masks worked so well, why is the "infected" count going up, hmmm?
    I learned from a technical (and now, interestingly, deleted) technical article that the virus was torn apart by CRISPR and a SARS gene was spliced into a binding site that does NOT naturally occur in Nature! I knew at that point the jig was up.

    Here in Washington State we get endless (every other commercial!!) bombardment of "wear your mask, keep your distance, get vaccinated" crap on all local radio and TV stations, and I for one want to personally put a size 10 Combat Boot up Jay Dimslee's ass. Good Lord, am I tired of this indoctrination, not to mention the utter waste of taxpayer money for this drivel.

    And, when they come up with a vaccine for CV-19 I *may* consider getting it, although I avoid vaccines. For those of you wondering what I am ranting about, the crap they are injecting is NOT a vaccine, it does not meet the legal and dictionary and medical definition of a vaccine!! It is a "modified RNA" being injected to "alert" your immune system for future response to any coronavirus invasion. There ain't NO way I'm taking an unproven, poorly tested, and relatively poorly understood THERAPY that has a pretty bad death/bad reaction in humans!

    Just my humble opinion, based on SCIENCE.

  16. It ain't what the "vaccine" AKA gene manipulation is going to do to us. It is what it is going to do to the virus. It creates antibodies that focus on ONE protein of the virus, rather than attack it as a whole- therefore, the virus only has to have one mutation to evade the antibody. The virus can mutate far faster than we can work up new "vaccines". I have read several articles by virologists who say they are worried sick about this, and that introducing this slowly in the middle of a pandemic is about the perfect way to create a new mutant strain, worse than the first. Here are a couple of links if any are interested.

  17. All the little kids these parents are scaring the hell out of will be mentally impacted for life.

  18. Picked the lowest figure on your poll. The CDC says that's wrong it should b e higher. I don't trust anything anymore put out by any government agency. I'm tired of being lied to.
    I wish the revolution would start pretty soon, I'm almost 75 and want to get in on it before I'm infirm.
    These bastards in government would have been hanged by now in 1776.


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