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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Nice Buck

My neighbors son killed this nice  buck over the Christmas weekend. I don't yet know what it scored or weighed, but will update this post when I do find out. I have hunted many years with this boy's father and have watched him grow into a fine hunter of turkey and deer. They have some local land leased and do an excellent job managing it as you can see in this photo.


  1. I spent most of the hunting season in the shop. One of my guys/key holders had a valve replacement and another had prostate cancer. I had a moose draw for the cabin (rare) that went to waste as a result. Oh well. Living vicariously through others seems to be this years trend... nice buck!!

    1. Yes it was Francis Marion. Maybe you can get after them next year!

  2. Nice, but odd looking from a hunter that has chased and caught up with a few nice Oregon Black tails over the years. Twelve in 40 years of hunting on mostly public land. got the big one in '89 out of pure luck. It was 3PM, 80 degrees, and I was done sneaking around a big basin since 'O' dark thirty. Seen about 50 does and fawns, and got onto a group of bucks that bolted quick. I found the grandpa buck accidentally, while I was just giving it up and heading back to the truck. Damn! Now then I had work to do. Never happier!


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