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Monday, February 17, 2020

UPDATE: Taking Re-enacting to a new level: V-1 with portable launch ramp pulled by a half-track


Read more Here.


  1. So, basically a full sized RC plane with a pulse jet. When men get bored, I LOVE IT!

    1. I will continue to research this video. I am not sure the pulse jet is real (it may be a mock-up). Did you notice the minimal controllable airspeed? The "V-1" seemed almost to "hover". I doubt this one was flying sixty m.p.h. I know the real ones used a steam catapult to launch and were traveling about 360 m.p.h. at the end of the ramp. Some V-1s were launched from aircraft such as the Heinkel 111. These cruise missiles reached a top speed of app. 400 m.p.h. Still, it is uber kool!


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