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Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday Femme Fatale... Pot Luck


  1. No, the best things in life are titties and tushies.

    Beer is for drunks.

    And just imagine how impressive 28 would be with a little more flesh on her bones.

    As for 12...

  2. Anon in CA: Man, I love your FFF posts, but i has one favor to ask: can you use better file names? My phone keeps trying to think up new versions of 1(2)(4)(7)(9).jpg

    1. Glad you enjoy the posts. I gather up the images during the course of the week. When I auto arrange them and name them, that’s the way windows does it. I’m not sure if that can be changed. Thanks for leaving a comment.

  3. Great collection.
    I shake my head though at hot girls who get large crappy tattoos.
    Instant 1 out of 10...

    1. Agreed. Why mark up a perfectly beautiful God-given body?

      The one that was hennaed (108) makes it look about as good as it can, but IIRC hennaing is not permanent.

      Most just look like a paint warehouse threw up on them.

      PS Haven't we seen the third from the last, braid and all, a time or two before?

      Not that I'm complaining...

  4. Damn Irish, besides the wimmin's all being fantastic I see several memes that are going to wind up in my files.
    I really like the one with the guy in the sunglasses hatin' everybody.
    I can identify with that lately.
    Thanks dude!
    Y'all have a nice weekend now, y'hear?

  5. Damn Irish. You are on a roll lately with FFF. Phil is right; the memes are as good as the pics lately.

  6. Irish my friend, you are the king!

  7. Another outstanding FFF, Irish! It's this kind of excellence in snoochery and sarcasm that keeps your massive readership coming back for more.

  8. Outstanding work Irish. Outstanding...


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