Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Bloomberg's Comments Complete Video

From 2016:

Anonymous commented this was taken out of context.

I started the video that leads into his comments about inequality, farmers and machinists

You decide.


  1. At best, he is ignorant and short sighted.

    He is ignorant of the art and skill involved in farming and machining, and he is ignorant about the process involved in the information economy. He is short sighted in his assertion that there is no (or minimal) process involved in replacing people with technology, and he seems to think the farmers and machinists don't have enough "gray matter" to learn the art and skill of doing it.

    With the same ignorance, the assertion could be made that I could teach Bloomberg how to produce a product in the information economy by teaching him a few simple steps. Go to blogspot.com, type a few words, upload some pictures, boom, there's the blog.

    The "controversy" IS in context, and Bloomberg should be called out on it.

    1. Apparently he isn't aware that machinists are required to program CNC machines, and Farming is done using GPS these days?
      It's amazing how little research these nibs do before an interview, but we should let them rule over us.

  2. Oh please.

    I'm Canadian and I can smell that POS all the way up here in Canada. It would serve him right if Hillary Epsteined him. Fact is your Donks down there are much like our shitlibs up here: their membership is almost an even split between outright lunatics and the smart, evil sonsabitches hoping to exploit them....

  3. midget mike is just another corrupt POS lefty that thinks he's got all the answers just because he built a multi-billion dollar business. He started the decline of NYFC after Guilliani cleaned it up. Look at how that turned out under his fair haired boy DeBlasio, another loon from left field. How is it that Mikey was allowed to run for a third term when there was a city ordnance on the books proscribing more than two terms as mayor. That should tell you all you need to know about midget mike.


  4. Face it, Mini Mike is a typical rich shithead who looks down his nose at everybody.
    Fuck him and the snake he walked in under.

  5. Definition of oligarchy
    : government by the few
    The corporation is ruled by oligarchy.
    : a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes
    a military oligarchy was established in the country
    also : a group exercising such control
    An oligarchy ruled the nation.
    : an organization under oligarchic control
    That country is an oligarchy.

  6. What amazes me is how billionaire rich @ssholes like Mini-Mike, Buffet, and Gates all think the figgen answer is more and higher taxes. None will ever feel the effects of their socialist policies. I don't fault them for being rich; I fault them for thinking we little working (dumb@ss) people should pay more to the govt. 'F' them.

    1. I think your wrong about their default answer being more taxes.
      It's more like their desire to spend your kids money without end because your future children are not here to object to it. deficit spending is just that. you don't object to it because you know you won't be paying off the national debt. someone else somewhen else will be doing that.

  7. I've listened carefully several times, I was OK with Mike until he said you need more grey matter. Thus the insult as he looks to the future. The good lord did not make us all equal when it comes to brain power. As hard as I tried, I did not have what it took to be a pilot or a doctor. I am an engineer. Guess what, too many engineers don't have the analytical skills he is talking about. They don't make the effort to be analytical, they expect to be in leadership.
    Mike is what I learned from Nassim Taleb, Mike is an IYI-Intelligent Yet Idiot. Thus he will get votes.

  8. The hits keep coming for midget-Mike:

    Michael Bloomberg Told New Mom To Find ‘Some Black’ For A Nanny


  9. I don't think it was out of context at all. Was he oversimplifying to make a point? Yes, but displaying his ignorance of production, whether food or manufacturing.


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