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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2-29-2012...Expecting The First Real Snow......


  1. You can have it. Fifty-two degrees in northern Illinois right now, with a predicted high of 57. I'll take this for the end of February.

  2. It's supposed to be 70 here in western Missouri tomorrow. I'll take that over snow any day!

  3. @ Hey Billybob... were you anywhere near those tornadoes?

    Glad to see you comment! :)

  4. There was one north and west of here, near Topeka. And they think there was one down at the redneck riviera in Branson. That is south and east.

    We had a lot of nasty wind around here though. It's still blowing like crazy today, but sunny.

    We're all ok. No worries!

  5. You can keep that shit...76 in Ft Worth today


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