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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Driving In Bad Weather Is TREACHEROUS....

You Never Know When  YOUR Number is Gonna Come Up.....

(Bad Crash)


  1. Holy Crap... that'll leave a mark

  2. Quick death, that's for sure. My friend, Michael fell asleep at 19 and hit a tractor trailer loaded with water melons head on in his Jag. He was buried with the shift knob in his hand.

  3. He had a Jag at 19?

    What is it with Russians and dash-cams? Is it a law they have to have them?

  4. Hey, they took the video down, but I found another one and posted it, if you want to change yours.

  5. How was that violence??

    You tube posts jihadi videos and lots of other crap... WOW...


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