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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Applying for The TSA..

I am waiting for to hear back from Homeland Security next week and I already feel very comfortable after my interview as it relates to operating the latest and most advanced airport scanner. You move the cursor over the object being scanned to see if any plastic explosives or metal objects are being transported. In most cases, this is a relatively quick procedure, however, there are times when the scan can take several minutes. Homeland Security is seeking more good men to interview as this "sensitive job" is necessary to preserve freedom and the true American way of life. 
Try out the new scanner by clicking on the cute girl going on vacation.....


  1. It's nice to see something in it's natural covering.

  2. but not worth joining the TSA - you'd have to give up 40 IQ points, pass a course in Assholery and learn to whack off in the men's room circle jerk with your five co-bubbas during break time.


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