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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wanna Feel Old? "Jaws" Was Released Over 41... FORTY ONE.. Years Ago......

June 20th 1975


  This photo montage was posted at THEGLOBE earlier today as a reminder.

The movie started to scare the shit out of you right at the start......


Classic Clip......


  1. Thanks.
    I feel old enough when I wake up, without this kinda shit! Lol
    Movies used to be pretty awesome, for the most part, huh.
    These days, I look at the listings a couple times a year, and there is nothing even slightly interesting to go see.

    1. Timbo, I haven't been to the movies in years. Same reason.

    2. Same here...

  2. I was eight when it came out. For a while afterward I couldn’t go swimming except for maybe a crystal clear pool where you could see the bottom.

  3. National Geographic, Vol. 133, No.2, February 1968 (the Jaws issue)
    Inside Jaws, A Filmumentary by @jamieswb (2013)

  4. Ya know Chrissie had dandruff, right?

    They found her Head & Shoulders on the beach...

  5. I just watched it again yesterday. It was the beginning of my crush on Richard Dreyfuss, and also responsible for the fact that I lived 20+ years within walking distance of the beach and NEVER went in the water.

  6. That Indy speech is like holy liturgy or something. Will never forget it. And what a master Robert Shaw was in the role of Quint. Just 2 years later he did it again in The Deep, which was actually very entertaining. Not just because it featured a very young Jacqueline Bisset underwater in a white teeshirt.

  7. I just watched it with my kids two weeks ago. It was kinda fun explaining what effect this movie had on the world.

  8. I had an aunt and uncle who owned a small "mom and pop' motel (and a few other small businesses) in Panama City Beach, Florida during those years. My uncle hated that movie and the ones that followed. He said the movies actually had a negative impact on their business. I was nine when the movie debuted. It was one of the few films I got to see in a theater growing up (The nearest theater was forty-five minutes) from my home. I liked it then and will still watch it from time to time.

  9. I think we're gonna need a longer memory!



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