Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Link O'rama.... Keeping Tabs On Things....

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** Quote: "The circumstances of the shooting still aren't completely clear, and nobody deserves to die just for
having a criminal record. However, it would be just as dishonest to portray this story as just another man living
his life who was gunned down by the police for no reason, which is what many on the left, including Black Lives Matter,
will do."

** Laws are for the little people.  Related:
** I find one tidbit fascinating.  Comey was, apparently, involved with investigating the Clintons
in the 1990's.  You have to wonder... did the Clintons then amass info on him THEN that was used to
compromise him NOW?  It wouldn't surprise me.

** Title: "Evan Sayet on "Why Liberals Think Conservatives are Evil"" ; an hour+ of pure brilliance.

** Quote: "Remember if you dare to say out loud that your nation has the right to exist behind secure borders then you will be called a

** On one hand, this IS funny.  OTOH, they're AGAIN saying UP YOURS to the Elites, who in turn are saying it to The People.

** The fact that this is happening is no surprise.  The fact that there are people who actually ARE surprised is the surprise.

** Not for the weak of stomach.

** Read the entirety of the embedded quote, and understand the Left.  More to understand the Left:


** Congrats.  You've let the enemy into your cities; NOW you decide they're not the right kind of people.  IDIOTS!  More:
** George Soros has, IIRC, said his desire is to destroy the US.  Remember, he sold his fellow Jews to the Nazis.  That's who he is, still.

** The spineless GOP.  But I have read that Comey was - allegedly - blinking and signalling.  What could they have on him?

** Per the source article, there was no overt call for violence against immigrants; merely criticism of the policies.

** A whole lot of THANK YOU letters needed if you are based in the US.

** How many times... in how many places... does this have to happen before people grasp the threat?

** Quote: "Again, we cannot stress this enough, according to Michael McCaul, Chairman of the US House of Representatives
Committee on Homeland Security, our cyber systems are already compromised beyond our control. That is scary! We have
mass global hacking going on and in the US, the very systems that support the US citizen's day-to-day existence, are
believed to be compromised by the Chairman of the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security."
>> But let's connect everything to everything, let's go to an electronic cashless society... are we suicidal simply because
it "hasn't happened YET"?  Are we so bedazzled by our technological hubris?  Nemesis follows hubris.  Always.

** Read the whole thing.  It's not JUST that the Rule of Law is dead... but that people don't care.

** The US could be a smoking ruin in Hellary's second term and it'll still be Bush's fault.

** Disgusting.

** Incredible pro-life video.  I think I got some dust in my eyes.

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