Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Interesting Thought In This Comment .... Mammels Getting Shot In The Chest....

  Over at THEBURNINGPLATFORM they linked to coauthor Jeffery's post about

the day of rage being set up by Anonymous.  This quote from Ralsballs was an interesting

observation.  I know my readership is very diversified.. any thoughts?

Ralsballs wrote:

Well Anonymous is officially on the list of governmental entities masquerading as some type of truther hacker collective. Let me preface the rest of this by saying that if any of you think either of these poorly produced police shootings videos are real, than you are a sucker, a fool, a mark, a trick, a downright moron! And then some police are allegedly killed in Dallas the next day!? What a perfect sequence of events for government and administration that has transparently been trying to start a race war for some time now, eh. It’s almost as if it was scripted . . . because it was. Now I can’t say that I’ve ever shot a human before, but I have shot many whitetail deer and many other animals in my lifetime. Deer are mammals, as humans are. If you are shot multiple times in the chest, than it is nearly impossible that one or multiple bullets will not puncture your lungs. When a lung is punctured, blood is expelled from the mouth and nose! Not sometimes, not most of the time, 100% of the fucking time. Unless you breath with your intestines out of your asshole, there will be blood around the mouth. In either bullshit video, do you see blood around their mouths? Also, if your significant other was just blasted a bunch of times in car seat next to you, would you begin to record the event with your cell phone, all the while calmly narrating like Bob Stack on Unsolved Mysteries? Of course you wouldn’t! My point is if you are presented with this shit on any television channel, its 99.9% of the time a bunch of contrived bullshit! If they tell any truth at all, it’s by accident! Wake up people!


  1. I am to the point I believe nothing the lame stream media publishes any more. Everything that has occurred since King Obama took office is a lie. The POS has 5 more months to reek havoc and stir up the black natives in America. It is coming that I'm sure of. Buy more ammo is what I say.

  2. While I am not a conspiracy theorist. I have read and heard this theory in more than a few areas. I do think though that "Our Government" is certainly capable and willing to do what is suggested in his comment...divide and conquer.

    Also, if you take his speech at the funeral for the "slain officers in Dallas" , why I ask were his comments focused on basically cops shot this one and that one so this should have been expected.....Can anyone say Inappropriate? Offensive? As if it were all is provoking to say the least. Job well done!

    So yes, I guess I believe there is some validity to the posted comment.

    Also, and off topic, and minor in comparison but, The Clinton Song....gone???? Off Youtube....Really? Do you think that the gentleman that created that video willingly removed it, or was there a level of fear and or intimidation involved? Maybe Bill and Loretta decided it would be best! Things that make you go hmmm?

  3. IMHO, What is real is heavily edited - the rest is scripted. Example, in one of the protest videos a Dallas officer is shot while standing by a pillar. He is shot by the blurry suspect as the suspect runs by and the officer falls down. However, there is another video of the same incident that is from a slightly different angle that seems to be a cellphone video, that clearly shows the officer fall down - but no one is around him at all. One is obviously is fake.

    Oh, and, of course, anonymous has been totally taken over by the Feds. lol.

    I believe the reason the 'girlfriend' of the armed man shot while resisting is so non-emotional (and quick to start go-fund-me accounts) is she lacks the capacity for love and most likely a total narcissist - "men's hearts shall grow cold."

  4. While I can't comment on the videos themselves I will comment on the post itself. The author is correct that whitetail deer and other ungulates (elk, mule deer, etc) will bleed from the mouth and nose in almost every instance of a lung injury the same is not true for humans. In humans each lung is encased in a separate cavity or pleural sac. In ungulates the lungs share a single cavity or pleural space. In addition most deer are shot broadside which tends towards injury to both lungs creating more bleeding in the lungs. Humans tend to be shot from the front or back which leads to only one lung being injured. Add in the fact that when a human is laying flat on their back their mouth is still above the level of the lungs, the same is not true of deer as they tend to lie on their side or belly and the longer neck causes the head and mouth to rest below the level of the lungs. This causes the blood, due to gravity, to flow to the mouth and nose. Humans will present with frothy blood from the mouth and nose due to gun shot wounds to the lungs in many cases, but not all, and often only after a period of time has elapsed that is greater than the videos show.

    I am a hunter and an Army medic having served early in the Iraq war. I have either caused or treated gun shot wounds to the lungs in both animals and humans. I speak from a perspective of personal experience. Just because the people in the videos lack a symptom seen in animals with similar injuries does not mean that the injury is fake. It is possible that they are staged but the lack of blood from the mouth and nose is not conclusive evidence of it.


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